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Jun 1st, 2005 7:37:06 pm - Subscribe

"I Went Nowhere and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt"

"This town gets way too cold."
She said to me. "Do you ever wonder what we're doing here?
There must be something more to life beyond these frosted windows.
Something more to be.
Than just another lost ghost living in this ghost town.
Who runs from himself 'cause his self's not around."
I had to agree. I screamed, "No that's not me!
Let's just go!"
She asked me "where".
I didn't know.

We'll say goodbye to this tomorrow!
Goodbye to old friends, to mere posessions, to untied ends.
We'll see you when we see you!
But not until we see the world you kept from us.
And that might take awhile 'cause this road it seems endless and we have no idea as to just where we want to go.
We just know that in the end we don't want to go back to the place that we started from.

So we'll run! Run away!
Go to the ghost and maybe someday we'll be big stars.
And we'll shine brighter than the rest.
We'll forget the frozen hell we left behind and we'll move on.

On and on and on.

Together you and I we'll break free from these chains that weigh us down like rusted anchors thrown to bottoms of dead seas.
We refuse to drown.

This life derailed is so off-track,
Let's run away and not look back,
We can't let this place drag us down,
Let's get out of this town,
So grab my hand and hold on tight,
Let's never stop while this feels right,
You are all I'll ever need.

So we'll run! (Yeah, we'll run!)
Run away! (So far away!)
Go to the coast and maybe someday! (The sun will shine upon our faces everyday!)
We'll be big stars! (We'll be on TV screens!)
And we'll shine brighter than the rest! (And all those gossip magazines!)
We'll forget the frozen hell we left behind! (That talk about celebrities, yeah, that's where you and I will be!)

And we'll move on.

mood: randomness ;]
artist: Another found itself
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