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stay_away Stuff... - Subscribe
Michelle talked me into getting this emo blog...its actually pretty cool..i like the background pictures they are oh so pretty.. happy.gif
Mood: hardcore

stay_away i miss mikey May 3rd, 2005 8:20:46 pm - Subscribe
I miss mikey so very much......tomorrow it will be 5 more days and then he comes home for the summer...i cannot wait..!!!! happy.gif
Mood: adored

stay_away Butt Head..... May 4th, 2005 9:07:18 pm - Subscribe
Dont mind the title of this entry..i couldnt think of anything and there was a paper sitting on the desk that said butt i decided to use that. Anywho im so bored i just sit here and do nothing all the time..and im sick of it.A good thing is that i now only have 17 more days of school..then it will be summer....i so cant wait..this summer should be very exciting especially now that i have mikey.. wink.gif hehe
Mood: incomplete

stay_away Prep rally\'s suck!! May 5th, 2005 10:12:34 pm - Subscribe
There will be a pep rally in school tomorrow.
.i hate them so much ..i just dont understand why all the people in our school feel the need to get together and cheer for the team that sucks and looses all the time..the only good thing about it will be that classes will be shortened..
Mood: pissed off

stay_away almost done with school!!! May 25th, 2005 12:58:12 pm - Subscribe
My computer was broken for i havent written in here in a while..not like it matters cause i really dont know anyone on here anyway...but oh well....

Yesterday was my last full day of i had 2 finals and tomorrow is a half day and i have two more finals then i go to school on friday but ill probablly just not go and then we have off on monday and then we go back on tuesday and thats my last day of school...i will finally be a so happy senior year will rock..hopefully

Mood: Crazy