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stellargrl Avoiding homework - Subscribe
Hmmm So today lasted forever... my classes are kind of boring and i was sooo excited to see eric after school that the day was just never ending... plus i was sick and having to blow my nose all teh time so now its all red and gross and dry sad.gif anyways.. so i go and pick them up and i had to put all of them in the back seat because my friend catharine was with me. but then we dropped her off and eric got in the fron seat with me... it was very weird.. it was one of those feelings that you get when you are really torn between two things... because i am trying to play hard to get... and by playing hard to get i mean not doing anything... and then there is the other part that just wants to jump him and say take me now! lol but i don't let that part out often lol.. but we went shopping and ate food and drove around *very uneventful except i sneezed once and he thought it was cute* and then we dropped him off at his house because he had soccer to go to.. and then...... faith and me went to teri's house and we all just hung out for a good percentage of the time.. just lying around not even really saying anything.. and then i took faith home and we talked a bit.. and that has basically been my night.. no homework has been done.. but it will get done.. i promise!

hmmmmm i hate waiting.. i just want movie night again where i can cuddle up to him and hold his hand happy.gif lol
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stellargrl Help Feb 18th, 2005 8:03:49 am - Subscribe
hmmm so i am an internet retard.. and i don't know how to do anythng cool with this.. like how do you put up pictures.. or change it around?? can anyone help me??? I hope so!
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stellargrl pay cheque! Feb 18th, 2005 3:29:44 pm - Subscribe
woo hoo i looove pay day.. $259! woo hoo.. but then i put half of it away in savings and then i pay off my rediculous cell phone bill.. and i am left with $91.. which like forty will go to gas.. if not more and ya.. i am poor again! what the frig is the point of having a job if i don't get to do any fun things! ah well.. i get to drive.. fun enough! i work with eric tonight happy.gif... hmm i wonder if i have a clean uniform? interesting... but ya i ahve to work in half an hour and i still have a bunch of stuff to do so maybe i should get ready instead of sitting here!

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stellargrl taking out the trash Feb 19th, 2005 10:12:19 am - Subscribe
so i had to work last night.. 5-9:30 but it ended up being 5-11 yay for more money! but i didn't expect to be there soo long so i didn't bring anythng to eat.. so i had to resort to eating a bagel and cream cheese.. that didn't sit so well *i am lactose intolerant :s* so i got kind of sick at work.. that was no fun.. but it was a good shift.. eric was in.. and any chance i get to just look at him for long periods of time is fine by me.. and faith was in and i love that girl.. and stacy was the supervisor and he is wicked cool so life was good.. except for being sick.. and towards the end of the shift stacy got eric and i to take out garbage.. i have to remember to thank her for that.. so as we were throwing the garbage over the fence i hit him with one of the bags...! who does that!! "hey i really like you!" *smack!*
and then we had to take out card board so of course being teh retard i am i got into the card board box.... yaaa.. and then i couldn't get out of it so he had to pull it off me.. awww we would be sooo cute together... he just needs to figure that out and fall madly inlove with me and then i will be happy... but the chances of taht happening are slim to nill..les garcons ne sont pas attire a moi.. tant pis... ow my tummy is hurting again.. hmm thats what i should get in the habit of.. writing my blog in french! whoa! anyways tonight is movie night.. and i think we are going to watch the note book.. *he cried in that! definatly very cute... but kind of :s.. hello!! boys don't cry! they comfort the girl when she cries!* but i ahve already seen it once so i will be very impressed if i can cry again.. but i am definatly looking forward to that... but it could end tragically.. i mean.. what if we don't cuddle! then i am right f*cked.. i would be so sad! well i would get over it but it would still be sad! who would i dream about now.. i wouldn't have eric.. and ya there are no other prospects! gah!! but we won't think about that.. i ahve to get now because my parents need the computer.. and i should do homework! gah!
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stellargrl Oh Saturday nights. Feb 20th, 2005 1:27:16 pm - Subscribe
So yesterday i had an 8 hour shift.. 3-11.. and the supervisor is one of my "friends" so i begged him not to put me on bake.. i get there and the bastard puts me on bake.. i had a feeling it was coming so i brought my long johns *baking involves spending time in a freezer that is negative 20 c* so i did that.. puttered around in the back of the store and had lots of fun.. and i tried to organize movie night... eric said he would definatly come if we had the notebook.. so i frantically called blockbuster to get a copy saved so my mom could pick it up for me. so i got that and i was all happy... and then nick *the supervisor* let eric go home early... and then i got off 15 minutes early.. so i went straight to teri's house *location of all movie nights and teri is the coolest girl ever* so i get there and she has invited her.. boy i guess you could say over.. they aren't dating or anything.. i don't really know how it works but... so that was a good idea.. but eric wasn't there! *gasp* his friend was having a party so i was worrying that maybe he had gone to that instead of coming to movie night.. so i got into my comfy clothes and got all settled down and we started the movie, like always, without eric.. and i got all bitter and sad cause i figured he would rather blow shit up than come and cuddle with me.. but that was not the case.. he showed up about 15 minutes into the movie and then life was good.. man i love being with him... and he looked soooo hot! my goodness! it was sooo cute.. except i can never get comfortable so i always move around and ya....we held hands and it was cute.. we basically cuddled until... 3:30am.. it was a very good thing.. i enjoyed it... and then we walked out to our cars and of course i said nothing because to say something would not be playing hard to get and ya.. so i am no further on than when this all started.. but i am ok with that.. at some point he will fall madly inlove with me and life will be wonderful!
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