bad ideas
Date: Mar 3rd, 2005 9:57:51 am - Subscribe
Mood: cautious
Music: Shadow - Ashlee Simpson

so i am selfish little brat who is very capable of using people because i like the way it feels.. man i never thought i could be like that but last night i went to nicks house to watch movies, knowing full well how he feels about me but i really wanted to be held.. i made sure first that he knew that i only want to be friends.. that there is nothing more coming form my side.. but again i know how he feels and ya.. so while i was over there we held hands and cuddled and stuff... and for some reason it just wasn't all that good... i thought of eric a tonne and i started to feel really guilty because i know how much it would hurt to be in nicks position.. i mean if you want someone of course you are going to take what you can get! so i ahve decided not to do taht again... plus it could really backfire on me.. i mean nick is my supervisor.. piss of the supervisor and all of a sudden you are getting fired.. not too unlikely! gah! i would hate to lose my job! i love it and i would miss everyone so much! but i need to get ready for school!
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