Bathroom Talks
Date: Mar 8th, 2005 3:07:11 pm - Subscribe
Mood: swamped
Music: Taking Back Sunday - your so last summer

So yesterday was a sad day... again its winter's fault.. but i went to school and blah blah did no hmwk which i won't do any again tonight and then i went to kick boxing *i love my kick boxing and the fact that it helps me lose incredible amounts of weight* and then i went to work for three hours and guess who was work.. none other than eric... and ya it was good working with him after making my little decision to be over him *not really a decision one can make but i had to face the facts that if he wanted to be with me he would have made a move and after almost two months he hasn't so i gave up* so ya there was just the little problem of an email telling him that i like him.. so i came to the verdict that i just needed to address that with him so after our shift was done i told him i needed to talk to him and he ended up following me into the bathroom *we work in a very small tim hortons with one bathroom that doubles as an office so it wasn't that weird* and i basically just came out and told him that i ahd sent him an email last monday about how i like him *funny how he didn't act suprised.. proof yet again the subtlty is not my strong point* btu i told him it wasn't an issue any more and that i didn't want things to be weird between us because i like hanging out with him and he was soo cool about it which kind of suprised me because i still have the complex that i am the most horrific person alive and ya it went really well and it was such a relief.. and i don't like to entertain the thought but of course i do, but it seemed like he wanted to say something and decided not too.. so of course i am reading into everything too much and i think he likes me lol.. but he was pretty adiment taht we have movie night again... i hope we cuddle.. because i love cuddling in general and i love cuddling with him so anyways thats my story!
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