Bitch time!
Date: Mar 7th, 2005 3:59:17 pm - Subscribe
Mood: bittersweet
Music: Sweetness - J.E.W

Gah! life sucks when you are alone... i have never had so many guys in my life.. or atleast this much action and yet i am still all alone *cries* lol man i am a loser lol... i am just in one of those bad moods.. again i hate winter and i shouldn't live in canada! its retarded! gah! stupid boys! why can't i find a decent one who doesn't have a girlfriend and wants to be with me.. so far i have (or atleast had) one that likes to cuddle with me and holds hands but then goes out and gets a girlfriend and then they break up and blah blah blah he hasn't made a move so obviously besides all the hype i build around it its not going anywhere.. and then the next one i have a history of liking and then not liking just as he likes me.. and so after getting dumped and us sleeping together *sleep sleep* he tells me he really likes me and wants to date me but i don't like him and all i wanted to do was cuddle and then he tries to get back with his girlfriend.... *jerk* and then the last boy tries to kiss me when he has a girlfriend of nine months.. gah!!! when will i be something besides the other girl! gah!!!!!! ok.. so i think that has satisfied my bitching needs lol plus i need to get some hmwk done in a bad way!
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