Broken Computer
Date: Feb 15th, 2005 2:16:43 pm - Subscribe
Mood: stupid

SO i tried to hook my digital camera up to my computer last night... And i ended up taking out my internet.. Not only that my computer keeps freezing!!! all by trying to hook up a usb (or ubs??) cable!!! who manages that other than me.. and since my mom (the computer brain) is away i am screwed! so here i am sitting in my shcool library getting my quick internet fix... how pathetic..
I got some good news last night.. Eric broke up with his girlfriend! great news for me... And we are having movie night this weekend.. i ahven't talked with him to see if he is coming.. but i am hoping! And two weekend ago when my friends had movie night without me *i was away for the weekend* my friend teri casually cuddled with eric (jealousy) but as she explained last night (plus its teri.. teri cuddles with boys.. completely innocently) she was doing a little expariment.. she cuddled up to him and tried to play with his hand and tried to hold it.. and he moved his hand away! victory!!! she was very happy for me.. and i am super happy for me!!! he never pulled his hand away with him.. we always held hands happy.gif muahahahahaha (oh my life... how retarded am i!) so life is grand and i am sooo exicted to see him again... i work friday and saturday both with him i do believe... on an unromantic note i am super stressed... i have three classes this semster.. and in two of them i have like 7 differnet projects on the go.. my poor little mind can't mullti task like that.. so instead of getting down to work and trying it is short circuiting leaving my useless! i guess it is a good thing that my intenet is gone.. i will have nothing to distract me from my homework *oh joy!*
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