I hate winter
Date: Mar 3rd, 2005 8:42:26 pm - Subscribe
Mood: miserable
Music: Silver and Cold - A.F.I

I don't really know why i live in Canada.. I can't handle winter! I always get sad and depressed and in grumpy moods and it sucks... and ya.. I went into work today to check my schedual. I was hoping taht maybe i got next weekend off and i could visit my friend at uni or go to my friend's place in Barrie but of course i don't so thats exciting.. And this weekend i work two 8 hour shifts.. tomorrow is completely with nick :s that is going to be exciting... I have completely made things awkward between us.. I am not sure if i ahve already written about this but last night i went to his house to watch movies and we cuddled on the couch and it completely wasn't the same as cuddling with eric.. I am amazed by emotions more more as the time goes by.. I guess i enjoyed sunday morning so much because i was still very wasted and with out the alcohol enduced "feelings" it just felt weird.. cause he likes me and wants to pursue some and i definatly do not.. so not only did it feel weird, i thought about eric and house nice it would be if it was him holding, and then i started getting really guilty because i was only over there because i like cuddling... gah! anyways i went into work and i got to see eric.. I wrote him an email on monday telling him that i like hima nd i ahven't gottena nything back yet.. he doesn't have a computer because when his brother moved out he took it so i figured he just hadn't gotten it yet.. so i was talking with teri and i told her i sent he an email this morning so we were talking about how nice it is to get random emails and eric made a side comment that he hadn't checked his email in forever.. so i told him i sent him pictures form the party on saturday *very true* so i am hoping maybe that will prompt his email checking so i can get out of this limbo that i ahve put myself in... I ahte being a teenager! what the hell is with all these games we play.. i like him but i don't say anything he likes me but he doesn't say anything and so on and so on.. life would be so much easier if we could be blunt... anyways.. i am an emotional wreck!
C'est la vie.. J'ai lis ma journal aujourd'hui de quand j'etais en belgique et en mars l'année passé j'ai senti les meme chose.. parce que c'etait juste apres le suisse et que les chose a cassé entre will et moi.. juste quel que chose j'ai trouvé interessant
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