The morning after
Date: Mar 6th, 2005 4:39:23 pm - Subscribe
Mood: perplexed
Music: The quiet things that no one every knows - Brand new

It still amazes me that i actually have a life now.. It all has to do with my work lol but ya i love it! Friday i worked till 11 and then nick was having a littl party so i went there for a bit.. he was all anti-social and talked on msn to his ex girlfriend trying to figure things out... not that it means anything because i am not interested in him but what if i ahd taken him up on his offer of him being my someone, and yet he still has feelings for his ex.. duh! what was he thinking! silly nick.. and eric was all flrity with me at work but at the party we barely even looked at each other.. i sat by him for a bit waiting for him to make a move or somethng.. it never came so i went and sat with robin.. because i wanted to cuddle but i also figured it would make him at least a little jealous to see me with another guy *oh the games* and then on my way home i decided that the whole eric thing is stupid and its pretty clear that he just isn't interested in me that way because if he was he would have acted on it by now... and then on saturday i worked till 5 and then went to my friend catharine's house for a small little gathering of friends.. there was 6 of us and we all sat around drinking and it was good fun.. i am kind of new at my school aka i went there for grade 11 and then went to belgium for a year and now i am back.. so everyone is younger than me lol but ya there are always a few people that kind of intrigue you and this one guy has always caught my attention and he was at the party and it was cool because we haven't really hung out or talked alot and we really hit it off.. we both were fairly intoxicated *as the night wore on me not so much and him very!* but while we were both buzzing pretty good we were talking french *we are both fluent and i love speaking french when i drink* so that was soo much fun and then we were kind of holding hands *you know the whole playing with their fingers and stuff* and then he started saying that he liked me, and we went outside and he was brushing the hair out of my face and telling me that i am pretty and funny and that he likes me and he was asking me if anything could ever happen between us.. and then he starts telling me how confused he is over his girlfriend! my freakin' luck! he tried kissing me a couple of times and stuff.. but i wasn't going to be the "other girl" *ya right lol i need to be the centre of attention.. not someone's side project* and then he started getting kind of annoying and really... unattractive... vulnerablity is definatly not attractive when you are hitting on someone.. atleast not for me.. so anyways it went no where and then he felt super horrible the next morning.. poor boy... So i have pretty much determined that i ahve other girl syndrom... first eric with his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend and then nick who comes after me just after breaking up with a girl that he "loves" and is nowtrying to get back with and now alex! lol gah! when will i find someone who wants me to be their only girl! lol oh mystery man! i am waiting!
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