Wednesday morning ramblings
Date: Mar 2nd, 2005 8:37:42 am - Subscribe
Mood: ready
Music: Ashlee Simpson - I have no idea what song

So its wednesday morning.. lets say around.... 9:30 am.. and i am all showered *my hair was soo gross* and dressed *very preppy if i may say so.. pink american eagle top proclaiming my canadian-ness* and made up so ya.. i am good to face the day... i couldn't get to sleep too easily last night... i called nick around 11:30 when he got home from work.. we had talked about me going over to sleep over, so he told me i should come over *he is home by himself for like two weeks* but it would have been a really bad idea.. we are both on different pages and that would be unfair of me to take advantage of the situation... On sunday night he wrote me the cutest email.. Its super sweet and all my friends think i am a moron for not going out with him.. i can see their perspective.. but i wouldn't want someone dating me simply because i wanted to date them.. and i definatly wouldn't want someone dating me because they couldn't get the person they wanted... so i can't go for nick.. its not fair to him.. but.. here is the email... soooo cute!
"Okay. Lol. here we go. Jen you're amazing. Everything about you is so unique. And I love every part of it, as I have gotten to know them over the years. I thought about this so much last night when you were holding on to me. It just felt like I was really at home. So Jen, if you get this drama resolved and are looking for someone..or anything. I'd love to be that something." see.... how sweet is that.. i ahve waited my whole life for someone to feel that for me.. and now when it comes... it kind of sucks because its not from the person i need it from... but anyways i need to get heading to school..
Yay for ISU Projects!
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Date: Feb 28th, 2005 3:32:43 pm - Subscribe
Mood: sluggish
Music: your house - Jimmy eat world

oh goodnessi swear.. in the past month and a half life has been more interesting than ever before.... So this weekend was nuts.. i got very little sleep and ya.. Friday night i spent with my uni friends and we watched the motorcycle diaries. and because i have become a huge cuddle whore i cuddle with my friend trevor.. it was a good cuddle... and the movie was super good but very hard to follow sometimes since i don't speak spanish (i wish i did!) and its hard to follow subtitles when you are lying down.. so that was good and fun.. and then saturday i worked and then... went to my friend catharines house so we could film a little short film for our history class.. i had to give birth to a little marshmellow man.. and then i had to cover my face in lip liner to be a man and ya.. its a high quality movie.. and it was sooo much fun.. so after the movie making i went to pick up my friend teri and then we both had to go shower and then i picked her back up and then we pick up our friend faith and made our way over to nick's house (nick being our friend but also supervisor at work who can be a big ass sometimes) i wasn't planning on drinking because i was driving but then we decided to stay over so i ended up drinking and getting kind of hammered.. and by kind of mean.. well not very but lol.. so that blew all my plans to tell eric that i liked him. being drunk and doing that just takes away all credibility soooo i didn't.. and i ended up getting very sad by the end of the night because i get that way when i am drunk but we cuddled a bit and it was good good but still frustrating as all hell because neither of us say anything and its retarded.. so eric ended up leaving the party at around 5am and then everyone kind of crashed.. i ended up crashing in nick's mom's bed.. nick ended up crashing there as well.. and we ended up crashing very close to eachother... well basically we slept in the middle of the bed completely wrapped in eachothers arms.. and it was actually so amazing... i felt so comfortable *and again i love cuddling so that is always good* except i really enjoyed it simply because cuddlign is fun and i like nick as a friend.. nick however took it a little farther and has now told me he likes me and all of this stuff and i like him and i used to really like him.. but now i ahve eric.. and it would be so horrible to just kind of take what i can get when all i do is dream about eric.. it would be so unfair to nick.. so i had to break that to him today.. and i actually don't think he took it that well.. so now i feel horrible.. plus i got all excited about the fact that maybe nick and i could be cuddle buddies.. but ya.. i was wrong and oh the drama!!!! when it rains it pours! one big ol' DAMNIT so i guess we will see where life takes me next.. i am going to start drafting a little email to eric just to get how i feel out there.. it will clear my head.. but i have to go pick my mom up so i need to go!
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Waking up
Date: Feb 24th, 2005 7:35:22 am - Subscribe
Mood: fatigued
Music: Jimmy Eat World - Your House

*yawn* days just never seem to start off right.. even after stinkin 8+ hours of sleep i still wake up absolutly exhausted.. ah well.. so i went to one class yesterday.. i showed up at family studies andbthe teacher wasn't there and "lost" the test... * my friend actually stole! *gasp* i am shocked!* so she just let us roam free in the school.. and then i had history.. and then there was french.. i didn't go to french.. all my friends re done from uni so i went to see them.. then i came home and got ready for this big supper i ahd to go to and then i went to that and then i came home late and watched queer eye for the straight guy and then i went to bed! woo hoo!
now it is 8:30 in the morning and i am sitting here writing this thing instead of typing out some homework. :s.. ah well it happens.. and i work tonight.. but only 4 hours so that isn't so bad but then i will have to come home and do some major homework and ya.. *i hate being busy and stressed out* and i think i maye be getting sick again which sucks.. movie night is sooo close i can't get sick again! hmmm this weekend is the weekend.. no mor ebeing shy! i am going to talk to eric about "us" if there even is one.. or atleast a future for one.. well i hope i will.. most likely i will choke and then not see him for another week and then ya... gah! why did i not get more practise at this stupid dating stuff.. i swear i am still stuck in grade 8 for this stuff.. every other aspect of me has matured but nooo the dating aspect is still retarded! gah! oh but he is soooo cute! heheh i get all little girly when i think of him.. its all so excited! but enough about him.. thats all i ever talk/think about and if i were my friend i would hate me.. man i get soo annoying.. anyways i should probably go stumble into some clothes.. and then get started on this french dictée i have to do... wait not a dictée but a resumé.. yay for imparfait!
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Date: Feb 22nd, 2005 2:45:23 pm - Subscribe
Mood: pissed off
Music: Iron and wine - such great heights - garden state soundtrk

f*ck.... i typed out a whole damn rant.. and since i didn't put a stupid subject it earased the whole damn thing! gah!!!!!!!

thanks! make my day!
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Date: Feb 22nd, 2005 7:35:21 am - Subscribe
Mood: sleepless
Music: none

So i went to the movies last night with my dad and it was actually pretty good.. he wasn't too crazy.. we saw the movie Hitch last night.. It was soooooo good! i loved it! will smith is so funny.. i would recommend it to anyone... all i could think about was eric tho.. it was very distracting lol.. anyways.. hmmmm i guess that is really all i ahve to say.. i am super tired and i ahve to go to school! :s!
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