Saturday nights
Date: Feb 12th, 2005 10:20:10 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ambitious
Music: Stellar By Incubus

So.. hmmm breaking my blogging virginity with this one.. so i guess i should make it good... *if only i had started this a few weeks ago.. it would have been great* Well februray is the worst month ever.. Last year i was having my heart broken on a train in switzerland and this year *surprisingly a year later.. crazy how i remember things with such accuracy* i was getting my heart broken.. while in a car heading straight towards a tree.. *note to boys.. don't drive like an ass.. fastest way to lose a girl.. well maybe not fastest.. but a very fast way* anyways... I found this great guy and being me i fall madly in factuation with him.. and things only get better.. we cuddle... and then he gets a girl friend.. but the cuddling doesn't stop there.. oh no.. we cuddle again.. but i make the move and hold his hand *girls like me.. i hate them.. but now i understand it...* and then we go sledding.. well a group of us all go.. *4 people* and we hike up to the tallest hill in my town and look out over the city and he puts his arm around me *sigh* sooo very cute! and then blah blah we drive around for a bit.. and then we all go back to his house.. and end up in bed.. well the four of us end up in bed.. fully clothes just chillin... and he startes playing with my hair, rubbing my back, holding my hand, playing with my necklace... And then there were those looks.. never had a stare like that! Let me tell you.. that was love.. or lust.. or infactuation.. i dunno but it was something.. and then the next night i offically find out he has a girlfriend *he didn't know i knew before* and yet he still puts his arm around me.. and i don't say anything.. because i am a creep... *gah!* and then he turns into immature ass and gets in a car accident.. and we haven't talked since that night! and ya.. so after a week of chocolate chip cookies.. and a bunch of other junk food i ahve decided.. i am too good to pine over someone who probably isn't even thinking about me... and lets be serious.. he has a girlfriend.. he shouldn't be thinking of me.. he should be thinking of her... i am sadly the victim of hollywood romance movies... and i will not accept anything less than sheer utter romance.. i want flowers.. cars.. poems.. songs.. public displays of undying love... ok well i am not that demanding.. a simple breaking up with his girlfriend and ya know.. asking me out would work.. i would be happy.. but i ahve decided.. i am making the stand! *que triumph music* i will be strong.. i will not feel sorry for myself any longer! i am wonderful, funny, amazing! and i deserve something more than being the pathetic other girl!!!!! *oh goodness.. what kind of life do i lead!

So... first web blog... that was interesting.. now i am going to watch the grudge.. should be fun!
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ce_f - February 13th, 2005
good blog.


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