Stuffy Morning
Date: Feb 17th, 2005 7:47:41 am - Subscribe
Mood: gross
Music: Three days grace. Just like you

I wish this thing had sound effects... because if it did i would make my whiny nose sound to let you all know just how sick i am... I am stressed out with school... and sick.. and gah!!! So last night i got all dressed up and went to the movies with my step dad.. we saw the phantom of the operah.. it was sooooo good!.. I curled my hair in rollers and it looked nice.. so now i am curling my hair thos morning again.. i didn't feel like washing it.. so this was teh easiest way to make it look half decent.. after school i am picking up some of my friend from another school (including eric) and we are going shopping.. This will be the first time i ahve seen him since the little accident... and i guess since he has broken up with his girlfriend ... oh man my stomach hurts soooooo bad! gah!!!!! Ya.... i guess its bad that i try so hard to look good every time i see him.. but i can't help it.. i can't surpress the need to do it! ahhhhh *tummy* anyways.. i should probably continue to get ready!

*blows nose*

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marlene - February 17th, 2005
Feel better soon. Good luck after school with Eric. Have fun.


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