Sunday morning
Date: Feb 13th, 2005 1:08:07 pm - Subscribe
Mood: philosophical
Music: Ahead by a century by the tragically hip

2:00 sunday morning.. So last night i watched the grudge with this guy i work with... he is part of the saturday night movie nights. but not the one i like... And ya it was fun.. but scary movies scare me.. and he sucked at the whole cuddling thing... Eric *the guy i like* is such a good scary movie cuddler.. oh man.. so when i got home i was a little paranoid about creepy dead people coming after me.. so i turned my music on a little louder than normal so just incase there was anything scary in my room i wouldn't hear it.. and then i slept.. at 3pm... and i slpet good till about 8 when the light becomes too much and my parents start tromping around.. so form then on i slept lightly and day dreamed about eric until 10:20.. i wanted to be up at 10.. i had to go to church.. so i jumped out of bed.. ate four pancakes in 0.2 seconds and then felt really full.. then i got dressed and headed down to church.. i go to this really wicked church that lets you be you.. so we had a good little talk and i always feel spiritually pumped afterwards.. and then through out the week my mind gets in the way and ya then sunday roles around again.. after that i went out for breakfast with one of my friends who was down from toronto.. we went to some little downtown cafe and had tofu scramble.. super good!! and then i came back here.. Thats about all i have for the moment... i am dreding valentines day.. again i am alone.. wishing i wasn't.. and i have this little hope that eric will ahve broken up with his girlfriend and will come pick me up in his truck and take me to the top of the hill.. and then he will say wonderful things about how much he thinks about me and how much he wants to be with me.. and then we will make out.. and the world will be ok.. But i now i have to drive my little sisters friend home! Gah!
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marlene - February 13th, 2005
haha, four pancakes in .2 seconds. Impressive.


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