Valentines Days
Date: Feb 14th, 2005 2:46:58 pm - Subscribe
Mood: bittersweet
Music: nothing :(

Oh being single..... so another feb 14 passes and i am single.. but this one wasn't going to be boring.. i made sure of that.. One of my good friends came over last night and she did my hair and we watched the note book *i cried like a baby* and then she slept over and then we woke up and then and then and then.. So her and i dressed in all black today.. but very tasteful black.. We looked good.. So we went out for breakfast *very tasty* and exchanged gifts *lots of fun* and then we went to school.. which of course was soo much fun!... It was a pretty uneventful day.. but its not over.. eric could come and sweep me way *please please please* Tonight i have to do a bunch of homework.. and kick box... and thats my valentines... but i did get a new car.. or atleast the ablilty to drive a new car.. my step dad bought a new car so i got his old one and the old old one the kids used to drive around is no longer around.. so i have to get used to driving a cute little jetta.. that goes way too fast.. so i really have to watch myself...

and ya.. thats it!
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audrey - February 14th, 2005
Don't worry about being single on V-day. There will probably be many more in your life that are way better than this one. Glad you had fun with your friend (:


david - February 14th, 2005
Yea no kidding, sometimes back in my High School days, I would have loved it if I was single. Valentines Day can bring so much pressure at times.


silentjade - February 14th, 2005
im just like u im always single. u know what im going to do, watch sad movies about luv nd get drunk by myself tonight. so dont fell bad that ur single you'll find someone soon.


marlene - February 14th, 2005
That's awesome! Getting a car. I'm so nervous to learn how to drive, so I'm putting it off. =S


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