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Well, as I am new to this I hope my first entry makes some sense. I find myself today wondering about a lot of things. Is she really and truly gone? Has she truly left this Earth? Part of me is hoping that she is still alive and is holed up somewhere, away from society and people for awhile. Part of me is also wondering why, after our last falling out, that I didn't follow my first instinct and let Michelle go so that I could be with her-it was plainly obvious that she needed me badly, yet I was too blind and too self absorbed to see it at the time. Michelle is too hung up on herself and her own issues to even care about me or our relationship anymore, I can see that more and more with each passing day. I guess that I should accept the fact that she truly is gone, and so is any chance of healing the rift that I put between us. If Jess were to show up at my front door tomorrow and beg me to be with her, to give her a chance and to help her, I would do it with no hesitation. Anyway, this blog ended up being more maudlin then I intended, lol-Jess, wherever you are, I hope that you are safe and that you finally found the peace and happiness that you so richly deserve, and I am very sorry that I was so blind to your needs and too wrapped up in myself to care.
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