difficult truths to face
Date: Jan 3rd, 2009 12:03:39 pm - Subscribe
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For so long I have ignored this-It was something that I considered really none of my business and that you would be just fine. But now I can't ignore it anymore-and it's high time you come face to face with it. It's interfering with the quality of my life and with the way we interact with each other. you have a mental disorder, whether you choose to admit it or not. Possibly bipolar, maybe something else. For so long u have kept it hidden or tried to-but it won't go away. You can blame your moods on me all you like-blame me for whatever, but the truth is that you need help. You need help, and you need treatment and therapy. It will help you lead a normal, healthy life and you will finally be able to come to grips with your past traumas-bipolar and manic depression are normally bought on by some big trauma or tragedy early on in life. I am unable to deal with your rapid mood swings and am unable to help you in the way you need to be helped. Until you get the proper help and treatment and therapy that you need and stop being in denial, I really see no way we can continue with this relationship. I am very sorry-I know this may be harsh to you but it needs to be said. I wish u all the best, Jess-and I truly and sincerely hope you get the help and treatment that u need.
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