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Date: Jan 12th, 2009 9:33:04 pm - Subscribe
Mood: distressed

Just some points I would like to touch on tonight-and btw, I hope that 2009 is going well for all of u out there in Aeonity land. Let me begin by saying that I understand why you were hurt and angry last night-I do, and the last thing I want is for you to wind up in the hospital again. I will say it again, though-you need to find a better way to handle your anger rather than lashing out at me the way u did. I can't have u being like u were last night all the time-there maybe a lot of times you may get upset with me. We need to calmly and rationally talk things out like ppl in a relationship do. Attacking like u did last night only causes me to become hostile and angry and to avoid losing my temper, I leave-what u consider "ignoring". It does neither of us any good, I'm sure u can see that. And I hope that trying to get something across to you is not like trying to get something thru to Faith, which is impossible, lol. Again, I understand why u were hurt, and angry-but attacking is not the answer. I love u very much!
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