Date: Aug 30th, 2004 2:53:35 pm - Subscribe
Mood: neutral

so the jocker changed her layout. and i'm happy but i'm still moved. i already subbed to you guys so you know it's me. :]]
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road trip!
Date: Aug 27th, 2004 2:27:36 am - Subscribe
Mood: hurried
spinning: trouble . pink

my mom, younger sister and i are going to embark on a VERY last minute road trip down to california because my brother's irresponsible. -_____-;; well anyway! i should be back in about 4-6 days. hopefully 4. i'm wayy too addicted to my computer so i guess this trip should be good for me. i doubt it though.

maybe a new template when i come back? i'm just gonna delete everything and put in css codes. i hate anything default. ^^
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Date: Aug 26th, 2004 1:22:33 am - Subscribe
Mood: pmsy
spinning: this is my time . raven

work fcuking sucks. -_______-*

i agreed to being paid to 4 dollars an hour until i got the hang of things right? my parents are freaking ripping off their own kid. wth.. they didn't even give me proper training or any shit like that and i have to take everything as 'your own perogative' WTF. i'm just supposed to learn everything on my own and blah blah. fuck this. i'm quitting as soon as i get a job somewhere else. -_______-*

then my brother's getting himself in all kinds of shit down in CA and is relying on my parents as always. and now he's thinking about moving back up here since he has nowhere to stay. he's so irresponsible sometimes! he should've planned out everything instead of going on a whim to CA cuz he hated being up here in seattle. geebus.

then my dad can't control any of his damn addictions and is so WEAK WILLED that it makes me ashamed. all i wanna do right now is go run a hot bath and drown or something.

i just want someone to take all this away. give me a better life but oh no. oh no. fcuk this life.


monica! i can't come to EM cuz i don't have a ride! :-( can you give me one? O.o
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Date: Aug 22nd, 2004 2:40:43 am - Subscribe
Mood: fulfilled
spinning: better off . ashlee simpson

i've neglected my emoblog.. tsk tsk for me. >.< i gave more attention to my xanga than to my emoblog.. but then again, that's nothing new. ;]

well long story short, here's a brief recap:

- got extremely pissed multiple times while watching the Olympics.
- became obsessed with aaron peirsol and michael phelps. x]]
- got stressed out a lot from work, which is no big surprise.
- stopped being all depressed about marty being in boston. yay! :]]

i'm out of money and i don't get paid next week which is working for a full month and getting paid once. my dad said that he was running low on money and told that he'd give it to me during the next paycheck period. my mom offered to pay me for the two weeks but i refused it. my mom told my dad that today and remarked how i was so 'soon jeen hae'. nah.. i'm not caring.. nah nah nah. :]

i wanna marry either aaron peirsol or michael phelps! seriously! either one will do. x]] ^____________^b

i miss you monkeey! let's hang out soon okay?! :]]
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Date: Aug 12th, 2004 2:30:25 am - Subscribe
Mood: sad
spinning: angels . jessica simpson


wanna go see the princess diaries 2 movie on sunday? hey! you wanna go to the EM together? O.o I WANNA SEE YOU!!! sad.gif

so marty left. and i'm living. but i kinda feel numb. like i'm cut off from emotions. i've gotten 2 calls from him so far. which would equal to daily calls since he left on monday. he bought me a kate spade bag but i told him to return it or i'm just sending it straight back to him. :]]

and through it all
he offers me protection
a lot of love and affection
whether i'm right or wrong
and down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
i know that life won't break me
when it comes to call
he won't forsake me
i'm loving angels instead
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