April 4
Date: Apr 11th, 2007 8:52:06 pm - Subscribe
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April 4, 2007
We woke up @ 1 in the morning but I didnt wake up because I didnt sleep. We left the house @ 1:30 then our flight was still @ 4 am in the morning! I can't sleep in the plane. We arrived Korea. We first went to the airport... no duh! It's really cold! We first went to a park which i dont know the name, actually I forgot the name. We took a lot of pictures there. We went shopping but I didnt buy anything just ate. We stayed at a nice resort with a really nice view of the lake. There were lots of cherry blossom trees. We took so many pics there. Mostly with my bro. This is what we did the whole day! The resort's name was DAEMYUNG RESORT.

NOTE: I'll just write more later
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