April 5, 2007
Date: Apr 12th, 2007 10:37:37 pm - Subscribe
Mood: tired

We ate in this resort and there were so little food! But... it was good. We'll be moving to another hotel today. We went to the National Museum. Nothing much interesting. Then we went to the Kings's Tombs but we only saw one king. It was really creepy inside. Anyway, we went to the first astronomical observatory ever made! Thinking it's like the observatory with stars, planets or whatever? Well, you thought wrong! That was what I though too but it wasnt what you think it was. Hehe! The first queen of Korea wanted to build it to show the people that she can rule the country. After that, we ate lunch then went to the form. We didnt pick any plants. Bad destination. We were given a lot of small tomatoes. Gosh! We just gave that to the hotel where we're staying in. Oh yeah! I almost forgot where we went next. We went to the fashion arcade of Korea. There are a lot of stores selling clothes, cellphones etc. Then we went to the restaurant. We are like real Koreans. Sitting on the floor. We then went to the hotel.
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