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summrcraze Summer Craze - Subscribe
I'm not really crazy for summer but this is all I could think of for a blog name. This is my first time here in aeonity and I find it good. I think I'm going to like this more and more. I made this day my OFFICIAL summer day. I dont know why but my summer started last week but to day is when I made it official. I think because my bro doesnt have school too so there. This is all I could say for now. Bye bye! wink.gif
Mood: jolly

summrcraze A Great GA Vid Mar 22nd, 2007 12:18:40 pm - Subscribe
Currently I'm a Grey's Anatomy Fan. I was searching for some MerDer vids and I ran into this one:

And obviously, I really liked it. The clips made me cry because of the words being said. I just cant wait to watch it here in our country. cry.gif
Mood: sobbing

summrcraze Kreyzy for more Grey Mar 22nd, 2007 10:53:56 pm - Subscribe
Sorry to whoever's reading my blog because I keep on writing about Grey's Anatomy. I cant help it. I cant remove it in my head. I just love the chemistry between Meredith and Derek! grin.gif Err... so I told you this is me Summer blog so I'm gonna tell u bout my day. I slept at 2 o' clock in the morning. Yay!!! I havent slept at 4 in the morning yet. I dont know when that will happen. Hmm... If you are a GA fan and a MerDer fan please comment and I'll comment back about my opinion with MerDer. I'm acting really weird right now. I'm sorry. cool.gif I'm currently watching clips of Grey's Anatomy episodes 16 and 17 of season 3. These are the best episodes ever of Grey's Anatomy!!! Do you think I should shut my mouth right now? Maybe I will shut my mouth right now. Lovin' this blog. Please comment kay? Bye bye!!
Mood: weepy

summrcraze Sleeping Late Mar 23rd, 2007 11:28:45 am - Subscribe
From the first day of summer I am sleeping late. No, I'm not mad at myself but I'm happy. You might think I'm weird but I never slept in my school days and every summer is when I sleep late. I cant really translate what's in my mind because I'm not really that good in English yet. Sleeping late is one of my hobbies every summer. I'm watching Grey's Anatomy (what else do I watch?). The latest episode in 1dawg or whatever. So this is all I could say. Toodles!
Mood: amazing

summrcraze Cousin's Birthday and Party Mar 24th, 2007 8:23:14 am - Subscribe
Today was my cousin's 7th birthday and party. My grandpa's birthday is today too! That's really awesome ain't it? Before we went to the party my mother and I went to the dentist because I have to have me braces. There's one thing I dont like. They are going to remove me wisdom teeth which really hurts as of what my bro said. I even have low pain tolerance but my bro has high PT. Okay? SO if he says it hurts then for me it'll hurt more!!!!! Nooo... lolz... until here! Bye bye!
Mood: sassy