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xoxolissie Yey! Summer FUN! - Subscribe
It's summer! I will be taking Web Designing. I'm soo excited! and it's getting hotter! aww.

I have a new look and new haircut! I went to the salon and have a hair spa. yey! happy.gif

Okei, up to here.



xoxolissie forum freaky! xD Apr 1st, 2007 7:52:27 pm - Subscribe
waah. I'm currently posting in 4 forums I think.


andamee! well, about Clarisse's site. I'm working on it. pinagpaplanuhan ko pa. xD

and ye, naka-sched yun. I think sa wed ko siya gagawin, or tomorrow? uhm..

well, sa wednesday nga! be patient clarisse okei! hehe. medyo di pa ako sanay sa mga ganyang bagay. ;D
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xoxolissie another blog was born xD Mar 30th, 2007 7:45:30 am - Subscribe
I just signed up at freewebs and i'm working on it. It's messy. x.x I dunno why.

Anyway, Clarisse made me the co owner of her site! yey! xD How I wish I can administrate it very well.

This summer, i'll take tutorials in HTML coding! Nyaha xD

Excited happy.gif

well, see ya guys! sorry if now lang ako nag-update.
Mood: happy :)

xoxolissie care to chat?! :) Mar 28th, 2007 1:39:44 am - Subscribe
well, i'm chatting with this animetriber named mitoku.. yeash.. he's cute.. i know cool.gif

well, wala lang.. just want to post it here para di ko makalimutan. hekhek
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xoxolissie uhm.. what do you think will yer summer be? Mar 28th, 2007 1:10:33 am - Subscribe
i want my summer to be fab! hekhek

wala lang, i'll be going to beaches with my friends, surf the net, stay at home and sleep, take summer lessons and yada yada! hekhek

wala akong magawa kaya i'm posting here! nyaha
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xoxolissie whatta boring day! nah!!! Mar 28th, 2007 12:33:41 am - Subscribe
well, i just post and post and edit and edit! nah.. kakabore kaya! hekhek

well, wala na akong magawa kaya eto post ako dito ng new entry! hehe.

walang magawa sa buhay. haizz
Mood: bored

xoxolissie just wanna say a pleasant good morning! Mar 27th, 2007 8:50:00 pm - Subscribe
hello there folks! good morning! i didn't go to school today. i'm sleepy that's why i woke up late. hehe. well, have a nice day guys! happy.gif
Mood: alluring

xoxolissie waah. i hate her! Mar 27th, 2007 8:44:14 pm - Subscribe
i hate my mom! she said "Stop viewing that site from now on". she's talking about WITCH! the site i'm loving for a year i think. but, why? why will she forbid me to post? waa. i wanna cry!!! and i wanna ask her why. but she's not responding. i don't even talk to her these days. and i don't want to. cry.gif
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xoxolissie Summer's here!! - any plans?! [an introduction] Mar 27th, 2007 4:40:38 am - Subscribe
wee! Summer's near! any plans?! uhm.. I'm planning to take summer lessons in web designing! uhuh..

well, my name's melissa, i'm 13 y/o, soon-to-be a sophomore. i lurve HS life! i met new friends, new cruxxies, new BOYS! happy.gif

well well welll, my true confessions starts in this bloggie!

if ye wanna know my daily activities, visit my bloggie everyday and i'm updating it from now on! happy.gif

Mood: happy :)

axure_me noSUBJECTatALL.~ Mar 27th, 2007 2:48:26 am - Subscribe
Yeah, I couldn't think of a subject so I think that'll do. happy.gif

Last night, I started reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. Many says it's a great book so I tried to read it. Reading it made me realize something: a little part of me wanted to be an author. Really, I know it's very weird, considering that i always wanted to be a dentist. But I don't want to be very concious about my teeth.

After this entry, I'll finish the book then I'll try to read "Tuesdays with Morrie" or something. Then I'll try to read my bro's library, considering that I already read all the books I have. happy.gif

Abby's awake so I need to go now. Bye!

PS: try to visit Clarisse's Aeonity. She edited her template with Ashley's pic and it's really cool. cool.gif

So I need to go now! Bye!

Mood: •INtheMOODforREADING.~

axure_me POSTINGaddiction.~ Mar 26th, 2007 3:22:32 am - Subscribe
Yeah, I'm having a posting addiction with TG forum. I think it's kind of cool. Kindly drop by the site, if you could. happy.gif

I just read Avalon High for the second time now. I reread it last night, after dinner, then I finished it after lunch, the following day. It's really a cool book and I recommend you to read it. (It has 288 pages.)

Nevertheless, it's so hot. So hot. The digi-clock here says that it's 32 dgrs (Celcius).

Dinner last night we talked about going to a beach resort. I don't know if we will, considering a long trip would be hard because we have a baby with us. I wish it'll happen though. I don't wanna be stock here at home. sad.gif

Well, I hope you'll visit again. And yeah, visit my friend's Aeonity, too.

I better go now. I need to shower!!!


Mood: !HOT! (still)

axure_me ~Axure Me!! Mar 25th, 2007 5:08:29 am - Subscribe
Heya! It's really nice to have a new blog around. I hope this blog would stay for a long time to me (seeing that no blog has lasted for a year to me). Well, you know what? I think it will. It's cool.

Nevertheless, I need to fix my blog so I'll update more later. Bye~!!


Mood: !HOT!