Date: Mar 31st, 2007 4:35:23 am - Subscribe
Mood: ~.TiRED.~

I was out for the whole morning! We went to the mall and well, my mom bought socks and we bought food for the trip. My lil bro bought 2 pairs of pants. So yeah... We ate lunch at Teriyaki Boy. Yay! Yum...! Lolz. My mom is really excited to go to Korea. Gosh! My mom and I also bought swimming caps because we need 'em for our trip. I dont even know why we have to swim because it's really cold in Korea. Hermm... I havent done anything yet with the site now. So, I'll be just here. Watching TV, and all. Bye bye!
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xoxolissie - April 01st, 2007
waa. i'll be making yer site on wednesday i think. ;D


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