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:testing: haha.

oh whats so cool is that i totally just wrote an entry and then my explorer quit. oh, fun.

well anywho, ill try and remember what it said.

i like my xanga but i think im gonna update this thing on the occasion. y ahora esta tiempo para update numero uno. (haha no im not spanish)

hmm well here's a picture of my dress i bought yesterday for the semi formal im going to on friday. exciting. im posting it well, just because. happy.gif

^haha im lacking a full sized mirror in my room at the moment, so i have to stand on my toliet in my bathroom to see my entire self haha. lmao that toliet paper roll just adds to the attractiveness of the dress hahah.

and i think thats it because im feeling a lack of inspiration and/or creativity at the moment. have a good day, or night. happy.gif
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suncameup Jan 26th, 2005 6:17:00 pm - Subscribe
man, im so lazy.
Mood: surreal