people. this wont make sense.
Date: Feb 11th, 2006 10:38:26 pm - Subscribe
Mood: insightful

i guess im just easily irritated or something. i cannot fathom the fact that im not always going to "get" a person. i hate when i think ive had someone completely figured out when i really dont. i think i know what they like, who they like, what they hate, etc but then i discover that im completely wrong about everything. its beginning to become apparent to me that i reveal too much about myself. not secrets or anything like that, but personality traits and tendencies. i contribute too much in hopes of meeting people halfway and expecting them to do the same, but they won't reciprocate. i give and they take but they dont give any. well, they dont give honesty, only enough for me to like them, but not really KNOW them.

from now on, if someone wants to know me, to be friends with me, well then they'll need to offer a piece of themselves to me. i want to know that the people i call my friends really care about our friendship and making an effort towards maintaining it.
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