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Just thinking..

Feb 19th, 2005 5:24:34 pm - Subscribe

I was just thinking, how about if when you were born, you were brought up thinking that the actual colour red, was actually green. So you would grow up, and one day, say something among the lines of, "Wow, look at that nice red car!" But in reality, the car would actually be green..I mean, what would happen, maybe if you were little people would make fun of you, or if you were an adult, people would think you are crazy. Then eventually you would have to learn that the colour "red" is actually green. You would know your way is wrong, but dont you think it would be hard to accept it? Well..I don't really know where Im going on this..its just something I've been thinking about.
I have xanga and livejournal, but I find that all of those websites are too cluttered with users, I like emo blog as of its smaller size, which I dont know if David thinks is a good thing because if I was him I would probably want this site to have lots and lots of people, but for me, I like it, its more quiet and you get to know some of the people. Well thats just my opinion I mean you dont have to agree on it. Its just what I think.
mood: disturbed
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Im back

Jan 27th, 2005 6:20:10 pm - Subscribe

Hey guys, sorry about the delay in postes and articles, I was just trying out some new things, but Im back here as always. Emo Blog sorta feels like home now. I guess nothing much has happend lately, I've just been up to school and course selections blahdy blah. I'll be making an article for emo blog shortly, right after I get some Ideas so if you have any please tell me asap. I've been pretty good these days, I have a cold, stuffy nose and cough, I feel horrible.
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Dec 30th, 2004 8:33:11 am - Subscribe

Its over..finally, not that I hate it, but I think its turning into a big propaganda thing. I mean, no one even cares about the true meaning. All they care about is Santa Clause. Oh well, I can't stop everyone from being greedy at Christmas, but I did get a few neeto presents wink.gif
I got a new set of tarrot cards, a couple of t-shirts(my love for tshirts) and I got a gift certificate for HMV the record store..so I bought the really old alexisonfire cd..and then I bought HIM"And love said no" So now im just chilling and listning to alexisonfire, their songs amuse me so much. Behind the screams, if you listen to the lyrics its amazing. Haha, anyhow, at new years, I have to go to this Church thingy with my parents...but Im sad that theres not going to be alot of drunk people because you know when you go out to eat at new years and then some drunk guy starts doing these crazy funny things..well I wont be seeing that, but I'll miss it. Haha..Im glad 04 is over..so very very glad, but school starts again soon and you know what that means..history..I hate history, oh and I hate French, my French teacher scares me very much. Hm..note the title is Christmas, but how did I get to the topic of my strong hate for french class o_O Hm..Im not saying its a bad language its just the teacher. GOSH
mood: sarcastic
Music: Waterwing- alexisonfire
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Weird Dream

Dec 24th, 2004 10:58:16 am - Subscribe

I've been having this re-occuring dream, since I was like 10 and I had it again tonight it's like Im on a field trip with the class and were in the forest, and there are train tracks in the middle of the forest, and for some reason my moms car is parked right on the tracks so I was like mom you better get off the train tracks so we did, and then me and my friends are standing there with my mom, and then theres this little old lady walking along the train tracks, and she had hearing aids too..so she could not hear us because we were yelling at her to move because they train was comming and really fast too, but it was too late and then the train hit her..and I could hear the train going chhoooc hooooo. So then after me and everyone where like holy shit what are we going to do this lady just died? And then my dream goes into this old country western theme like the old times with sherrifs and stuff in the desert and theres on of those ye olde shoppe places and theres this younger guy just leaning against the door of the shop with a coyboy hat on and chewing on a straw..and I was like Aren't you going to do something!? and he was like Nope..shes my wife! And I was like wtf!! And then I just stare at him until I see lightes flickering on and off, and then I woke up and my mom was flicking the lights telling me to wake up..but then Im not really up im still in the dream..and then I see the guy again and he takes off his hat and says..there goes a brave soul..and then I really woke up.. Crazyness.
mood: zonked
Music: Mr. Brightside- The Killers
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A Happy 2005

Dec 23rd, 2004 2:35:37 pm - Subscribe

I hope everyone has a happy new year. It's been a great 04. Well, I have not written in my blog for quite the while now. I've been trying to, but it seems that the power is shutting off and on, and every chance I get to write, it shuts off. Anyhow, I have not been up to much, just finished Christmas Shopping at Vaughan Mills(The super duper great new big mall) I love that place..it excites me more everytime I go. Haha..so now that Christmas is almost here..Im happy..I hate holidays in a way..too much propaganda. But I cant wait till the 05 bayee we're going to party like its 1999!
mood: wired
Music: Join me- His Infernal Majesty
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