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Dec 30th, 2004 8:33:11 am - Subscribe

Its over..finally, not that I hate it, but I think its turning into a big propaganda thing. I mean, no one even cares about the true meaning. All they care about is Santa Clause. Oh well, I can't stop everyone from being greedy at Christmas, but I did get a few neeto presents wink.gif
I got a new set of tarrot cards, a couple of t-shirts(my love for tshirts) and I got a gift certificate for HMV the record store..so I bought the really old alexisonfire cd..and then I bought HIM"And love said no" So now im just chilling and listning to alexisonfire, their songs amuse me so much. Behind the screams, if you listen to the lyrics its amazing. Haha, anyhow, at new years, I have to go to this Church thingy with my parents...but Im sad that theres not going to be alot of drunk people because you know when you go out to eat at new years and then some drunk guy starts doing these crazy funny things..well I wont be seeing that, but I'll miss it. Haha..Im glad 04 is over..so very very glad, but school starts again soon and you know what that means..history..I hate history, oh and I hate French, my French teacher scares me very much. Hm..note the title is Christmas, but how did I get to the topic of my strong hate for french class o_O Hm..Im not saying its a bad language its just the teacher. GOSH
mood: sarcastic
Music: Waterwing- alexisonfire
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avatar david

January 27th, 2005

Nikki, I tried emailing you regarding your Emo Blog template, and the articles...but I never got a response. I have your old template backed up (The one that gave you the ETS Error) I will email it back to you, I hope things are well...and we miss you.

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