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Just thinking..

Feb 19th, 2005 5:24:34 pm - Subscribe

I was just thinking, how about if when you were born, you were brought up thinking that the actual colour red, was actually green. So you would grow up, and one day, say something among the lines of, "Wow, look at that nice red car!" But in reality, the car would actually be green..I mean, what would happen, maybe if you were little people would make fun of you, or if you were an adult, people would think you are crazy. Then eventually you would have to learn that the colour "red" is actually green. You would know your way is wrong, but dont you think it would be hard to accept it? Well..I don't really know where Im going on this..its just something I've been thinking about.
I have xanga and livejournal, but I find that all of those websites are too cluttered with users, I like emo blog as of its smaller size, which I dont know if David thinks is a good thing because if I was him I would probably want this site to have lots and lots of people, but for me, I like it, its more quiet and you get to know some of the people. Well thats just my opinion I mean you dont have to agree on it. Its just what I think.
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