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The Vaughn Mills Mall

Nov 24th, 2004 4:47:48 pm - Subscribe

Theres this huge mall, its really new and I went, its the biggest mall I have ever been too. It has so many stores, it even has a bowling alley..and then in the food court there was this restraunt and people were dacing hahaha it was so funny. Then I just left it was too crowed..But next Friday im going to go again and watch the funny people dance.
mood: fantastic
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My past week

Nov 15th, 2004 7:09:15 pm - Subscribe

Hi guys! It's been a while. Nothings been happening so nothing to write about. Yeah, well, anyhow Its Tuesday, and last Friday we had a school mass since my school is Catholic. Well, anyhow, Like somewhat at the end of the mass, I guess some smoke from the candles triggered the fire alarm, and it went off, and everyone was laughing so hard it was so funny. Right when the choir was singing all you hear is BEEP BEEP BEEP/ Its so loud and annoying. They should change it to a more pleasent sound. Then we all had to go outside but no one really cared about us lol. So theres the whole school outside. And who knows where the priest went. He vanished..haha and then the teacher came out holding her guitar and everything. Yeah so theres the whole school just waiting. And I still dont know what happend but it was really strange cause outside it smelled like smoke so some of us actually thought the school was burning down. Then I was like damn, I have all my stuff in there. I wish it did burn down, damn school. Its not like the teachers really want to be there, they just get paid for it. So its a pretty sad picture. Lets hope this week is not as gayyy as last week.
French sucks.
History test tomorrow. Im going to die. Then we have to run in phys ed class. Im wearing my big black shoes so I dont have to.
Ta ta.
mood: braindead
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School is boring

Oct 27th, 2004 11:40:25 am - Subscribe

Hi everypne. Im at school right now. With all my friends around me. We are so bored cause its raining and we have nothing to do. I should of brought a cd player or something cause this is soo boring. Carlie and Godfrey and Dionne and Candice and Jennifer are all here. Were bored. this sucks. So does this computer. Horrible keyboard. Yeah so anyhow I think we better go now! Bye Bye!
mood: School=boring=uglynotfun
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Oct 21st, 2004 5:43:54 pm - Subscribe

Today, school was fun, but there are these girls who are younger then us(not jillian or sylvia) but they were really annoying me and I just wanted them to leave me alone. Dont you hate it when someones annoying you and you try giving them the message nicely but they never ever understand. Yeah..thats sort of mean but the girl was pulling my hair. Who pulls someones hair? Seriously? They probably dont like me anymore..haha watch them come to school tomorrow with black clothing and stuff. I'd laugh pretty hard. Then they kept on bothering me telling me to go to the school dances. At first I wanted to go, but now its just crappy music with crappy people. Why should I go to just stand there? Yeah well anyhow today was a rough day. And then Nadine and Godfrey had this big argument and he got in trouble. and I thought everyone hated me too. I dont know why I just always have this feeling that people dont like me. Its weird. But oh well..thats all for now
mood: Concerned
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Oct 19th, 2004 3:45:08 pm - Subscribe

Hey..today..was boring. At school we had a bus safety meating. It was pointless. Who rides the bus at our age anyhow? My gosh..but we got to miss a period so yeah. I hate french. My french teacher is scary. I think im failing everything. Lol thats is all.
mood: clueless
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