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Weird Dream

Dec 24th, 2004 10:58:16 am - Subscribe

I've been having this re-occuring dream, since I was like 10 and I had it again tonight it's like Im on a field trip with the class and were in the forest, and there are train tracks in the middle of the forest, and for some reason my moms car is parked right on the tracks so I was like mom you better get off the train tracks so we did, and then me and my friends are standing there with my mom, and then theres this little old lady walking along the train tracks, and she had hearing aids too..so she could not hear us because we were yelling at her to move because they train was comming and really fast too, but it was too late and then the train hit her..and I could hear the train going chhoooc hooooo. So then after me and everyone where like holy shit what are we going to do this lady just died? And then my dream goes into this old country western theme like the old times with sherrifs and stuff in the desert and theres on of those ye olde shoppe places and theres this younger guy just leaning against the door of the shop with a coyboy hat on and chewing on a straw..and I was like Aren't you going to do something!? and he was like Nope..shes my wife! And I was like wtf!! And then I just stare at him until I see lightes flickering on and off, and then I woke up and my mom was flicking the lights telling me to wake up..but then Im not really up im still in the dream..and then I see the guy again and he takes off his hat and says..there goes a brave soul..and then I really woke up.. Crazyness.
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Music: Mr. Brightside- The Killers
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avatar saint

December 24th, 2004

lol, thats wierd. I have REALLY wierd dreams too so don't feel alone.

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