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suprahye nothing much to do - Subscribe
Alright today me and my cuz with our families just got back from VEGAS yo.

planning to stay up all freakin night like ive been doing all this summer.

i mizz my home back in manila philippines o well il get there when i get there.

later yo
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suprahye DONE Jul 24th, 2006 3:02:35 am - Subscribe
this most probably will be the last fucking entry of this stupid aeonity shiznit!

this thang iz so fucking hard! and complex goddamn screw this bitch ballz

this thing should burn mwahhahahaha aeonity please shut this stupid thing down

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ok i think im done suprahye out!!

suprahye INSOMIAC Jul 24th, 2006 7:48:23 am - Subscribe
ok i reconsider on what i said about this thing not shutting down. The only reason why im still doing this gay thing is because AEONITY sounds tight, better than xanga or whatever anything else has to offer... so far. its 5 freakin am and im wide awake nothing to do but to watch the traffic go by and talk to insomiactic if that is even a word friends. So many things to do when the sun is up but im just going to sleep cause thats what i do sleep eat and umm more sleep. Somtimes things will be a little differently but most of the time no and im too lazy to talk about what i do besides sleep and eat =P.


I think i will talk about the different types of people in the world im going to try to name as many as i can in this messed up state of mine im in at the moment. But people got own oppinions.

Alright from the top of my head, there is the the NERD, he is usually is socially challenged one might say, for the dumb people it means he doesnt have a lot of friends. He usually spends his days on tv, video games, the computer and almost never does anything physically active but i dont hate on them somtimes theyre alright help you when you got problems with school work and somtimes have a nice conversation but most of the time people either ignore them or fuck around with them. shove them into lockers and just kicking the shit out of them, ive seen it. its not only in the movies. But people got own oppinions again.

Alright the next i can name is the BITCH or a sosy girl. Most people know the bitch shes usually the most popular girl, she hangs with all the i wouldnt say popular but most known people. She hates on every person and gossips the shit out of people. She would mess up your rep if you called her anorexic or even if you said somthing plain "rude" she's got to know that people have there own fucking oppinions, she should leave her loud, spoiled, stupid ass out of peoples fucking business. im sure there is a lot more to this type of person but im just speaking from my experience. But people got own oppinions again.

Ok another person i can name is the FAG. He doesnt know when to fucking stop to be an asshole!! im mean jesus christ, he would also be known as a bully or whatever you call him. i just know he wont stop messing around with you until you do somthing about it. he will slap you, diss you infront of all your friends, and even attempt to fight you and he knows your not even going to fight back so he will just keep doing it over and over until he really gets into your head. I fucking was a victim of that before, but after a few inspiring words from my cousin i kicked his faggot ass back to his bitch ball trash bag he calls a house. ALWAYS STAND YOUR GROUND AND FIGHT AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. But people got own oppinions again.

Ayt now leme think the next person i can name is SEXUALLY active or the people in "LOVE" when you talk to them they always seem to at some point in your conversation talk about theyre lover and ask YOUR oppinion, YOUR advice, and YOUR time to talk about it. I got friends like that and usually you just want to help out be a friend but at some point you will snap! at some point you know everything this person has to say and it makes you sick to your stomach. But whatev you dont really have to worry about that friendship when they break up theyll snap back to their senses haha im not trying to be mean just i know whats going to happen. But people got own oppinions again.

There is the FRIENDLY GUY or the NICE GUY who always happens to be friends with everybody. And somtimes it pisses you off that hes friends with everybody even your enemies you know so there is a bit of hostility between it. He has the really good grades and people always seem to like him and even the girls start to get all omg hes so nice and hot and whatever! shit!! pisses me off well not really someone like him is my best friend and i dont mind nothing he does. But to other people they freaking lose there mind holy shit ahh damn im bored! yall have your own oppinions

The next person is the umm i dont know i guess the girl shes in between everything not popular not unknown she always is a good friend and has your back and everything but to some they wonder who are they what are they doing here and shit like that people hate on her and yet they love here and just nobody seems to care and they always want to be known by other people i guess kind of like attention seekers. But people got own oppinions again.

A person il name now i guess would be best described as and MVP everybody knows them they play sports, they hold the best parties, theyre older siblings run the show and shit like that and theyll hate on you when you do somthing stupid and just alot more like the movies somtimes is true, so i guess somtimes belive in what you watch. The guys arnt all bad they got some good qualities it just depends what they are. you got your oppinions i got mine

The Last il name would im not sure but REBEL, theyre own group of friends known or not sticking by each other no matter what happends fights or anything. They always look on the better side of things in theyre oppinions and yet people still misunderstand them, they might think theyre mad or intimidating even scared and all pussy like but people belive in what you want, im in this group we stick by each other no matter what and thats friends.

if i missed some people sorry im messed up late at night. if i missed people feel free to comment it up and describe what people you know hahahahaha cuz im bored as hell all the time

which ever group your in you picked that or people picked that for you theyre your friends your own oppinions and if you disagree with what i just wrote then fine i dont care but think about it.
somtimes you abuse people when you think you dont, maybe even i abuse people but i dont know it as well never know. but whatever right. im just a crazy blogger on aeonity trying to say somthing or not hahaha ayt yall SUPRAHYE OUT INSOMIAC
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suprahye greyhound Jul 25th, 2006 12:09:44 pm - Subscribe
alright me, my mother and my cousin all went on a greyhound today from LA to Oakland. 7 long fucking hours, i was so fucking bored but besides that i was fucking scared!! holy shit!!!

mood now: 0_o

alright on the greyhound my cousin was fucking spazmic! he looked like he was taken over by somthing im fucking serious! and it was after we took a picture of the window and you know if you see a white orb in the photo it means a spirit, we saw it and we were like shiiiit but watev right then later when he was sleeping he was twitching and his eyes were all white and it was dark cuz this was like at 3 am and he just kept spazming and flintiching and shit un explainable! i tried to wake him up but he wouldnt then after i got up he woke up, so i was like ok.... but then later i was like dude! while he was crazy and he just looked right at me with a scary stare like no emotion devilish stare it sent chillz down my spine. i backed off then he looked the other way still flintching. Later i woke him up and i told him everything i saw he was like awww bullshit "do you really expect me to belive that?!" i mean ppl of the world who are reading this, if i woke you up 3 times for the same damn reason wouldnt you think somthing??

and if this is his way of a sick joke its fucking working cuz that scared the shIET outa me!!!!

alryt im out but i aint gna sleep cuz all that happen. SUPRAHYE OUT!
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suprahye things could be better pt1 Jul 29th, 2006 1:34:20 am - Subscribe

Im just not in a very good mood. Ill write what exactly is going on later. I have to gather it up first.
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