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[mood] im ready

[music] stars - look up

she's all i want.
plain and simple.


_mikeyy iam Aug 15th, 2006 3:55:57 am - Subscribe
[mood] clueless

[music] dtown singapore.

for awhile now.
ive been looking for an answer.
going out late night while the city sleeps.
i go out and wander the empty roads
where the alive walk.

looking out deeply.
listening closely.
for an answer.
something out of the ordinary.

everyday i catch the things
different from yesterday.
pretending iam alive.
i can't help this desire
to believe the better for everyone.

i kinda just wonder whats there
for me.
what does God have planned for me?
where is love dragging me?

i look forward to the day
that change will come my way.
where things are right.
i'll ask God to forget me
if you help mychael, help tyler my beloved friends get through.
because they are nothing but good hearted.

and they don't deserve any of it.

so if you will..forget me if you will.
but don't forget them..and in a way
i'll be able to smile even if i have to deal
with this cringing feel in my heart.

i think maybe..just maybe
what i need is that special someone
to take me away and show me how to forget
this ugly place.

"oh summer life"

_mikeyy the ravine. Aug 9th, 2006 1:14:22 pm - Subscribe
[mood] great

[music] common - the light

soo last night
me and my bro mike hung out
got some cigs.

went into the ravine
checked out the lame
"throw ups" and "wildstyles"
on the wall.
threw fuckin rocks in the water.
skipped rocks through the water.
yeah fun stuff

then we went to tylers
fuckin house and waited for his bitch
ass for like 30 years.
and tyler never got home.
soo we decided to go ding dong ditch a few houses YEAHHHH FUCK U GUYS.

after we went to lowes and wal mart
and just being us we blasted the techno in the electronics section and left it.
and....i went home.

thats a day with mike sauceda.

_mikeyy fuck Jul 30th, 2006 4:39:17 pm - Subscribe
[mood] depressed

[music] dave melillo

so i got myself into a big
fight with the parentals as usual.

whatever fuck it.
i really don't give a shit
cause its all about the dumbest crap.
i can't even believe.

the thing is with my dad
you will have a conversation with him and once you guys get into a fight he brings those conversations from the past
and turns into something totally out of the
question and reallyfucks you up.
cause he act like he understands then he brings it up later and makes you feel a stupid worthless piece of shit.

my parents got it all wrong.
they swear i hate them
but i really don't. i jjust don't like going to the movies or whatever.

movie theaters are not my thing.
i avoid theaters for certain reasons but they'll never understand i dont even bother trying to explain because.... like i said they will just turn it into something stupid in the end.

well fuck that.

_mikeyy heartbeat. Jul 26th, 2006 7:36:51 am - Subscribe
[mood] hopeful

[music] Third Measurement in C - Saosin

i have this crush.
maybe a love.

it almost seems too much
almost seems impossible maybe.

age difference is crazy.
im 16 in november
this girl is 18 in august.

everything about her keeps running through my mind. iam here in oakland traveling by myself to find peace of mind.

all i could think about is her face, voice, herphone number.
maybe its false hope maybe its just a joke. or it could be something true.

i just want to be happy with her.
iam starting to think i won't be happy unless
she's mine and i want to be her's.

all these other girl's dont even matter to me
cause nothing else really matters but that one girl cause she is the only one that i want.
i really dont know what iam really doing.
but i do know what i want.
i just want to write something beautiful in this damn thing something that can make her smile as she reads something that can make her feel warm inside something that will make her feel all tingly in her stomach.

give me something.

iam not very good at these things
acutally iam not very good at doing anything.

but i can be good at being her someone being there for her every need.

justbeing her bundle of joy.


_mikeyy greyhound Jul 25th, 2006 11:35:50 am - Subscribe
[mood] loving

[music] enter shikari

so as i said in the last blog.
anything can happen
and everything is so very spontaneous.

well last night i ended up taking
greyhound at like 12 to oakland
which is a 7 hour trip by myself.

my parents dropped me off at the
LA greyhound station.

before boarding my gate.
the gate next to mine was delayed and there
was a rumble between this guy and 4 security dudes because the motherfucker brought a gun on the bus.

but anyway the 7 hour trip was pleasant.
very thoughtful.

and now iam here in oakland.
frisco should be fun.

i take my southwest plane back on friday.
and i should land back at John Wayne Airport.

should be fun stuff.
this is my first time travelling alone.

its great.

_mikeyy 6 fucking pm Jul 24th, 2006 7:48:44 pm - Subscribe
[mood] poop

[music] wanna love you girl - Robin Thicke

i feel like poop.

i just woke up
and its 6pm.

holy fuck.
i have no idea what iam doing today.
i hope its exciting.

everyday its always different
even in the beginning it seems so
predictable. but really anything can happen in the next half hour.

and some of the things that happen in the day you never would've thought of.
i like it that way.

makes everything an adventure.
Mood: wishful

_mikeyy xtime for changex Jul 24th, 2006 7:46:50 am - Subscribe
[mood] renewed.

[music] All Nereids Beware - Chiodos

love. learn.


i got home from vegas today.
i had a little surprise when i got home.
im happy.

when life's been going downhill.
all there is uphill left to go.
Mood: used

_mikeyy xtime for changex Jul 24th, 2006 2:30:35 am - Subscribe
[mood] renewed.

[music] All Nereids Beware - Chiodos

love. learn.


i got home from vegas today.
i had a little surprise when i got home.
im happy.

when life's been going downhill.
all there is uphill left to go.