Date: Jul 31st, 2007 5:54:01 am - Subscribe
Mood: uninspired

let me see i woke up at 5 in the morning, got pissed off cause i couldn't go back to sleep. So i walked around the village, everything is so hella chill, just walking around, so quiet, everyone is sleeping, so i called up calv to chill with me, surprisingly he was up for it, he couldn't go back to sleep since he spent the night with his girlfriend n all. So we sat around then we had a smoke, walked around talking about whats good in our lives and whats not, just talking like that, i asked him why he isnt going home, he told me he's ditching school today cause his parents are fucktards hehe, i kinda agree hella uptight. then we got super rebellious we started jumping on parked cars, and banging gates to wake up ppl, then we started to climb roof tops jumping around from roof to roof so much fun, then we broke into the park swimming pool, just sat on this little hut next to the pool then that asshole pushed me into the pool what a tard. so then i got a chair an threw it at his face haha yeah! we decided the head on home he got in his car and drove off, and he wouldnt even give me a ride home haha, so now im walking with my ipod in my ears i then play this song with the lyrics saying "i think ill take the long way home" im in the mood so i did, i passed by houses i saw my friend adrians so being as rebellious as i am and not to mention bored i threw a rock at his house to wake him up and sure enough somebody heard it so i ran up the hill. then i saw kat's house and so haha being rebellious i held a rock in my hand too buttttt haha im a good boy sometimes so i didnt throw it at their house, i threw it at the car down the street haha, then the guard came so i ran the hell away! he was chasing me fuckk so i jumped into somebody's backyard and sure enough the guard went to the gate so then i escaped =P yeah, then i got home showerred played music on meh speakers then i went to school to meet up with my friends nothing special some of them were already going home so the few of us left went to market market and did whatever the hell we want, then they had to go home, so i drove home.
done with todays mornings

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