not cool
Date: May 19th, 2007 2:13:46 pm - Subscribe
Mood: reflective

everyday just seems to get harder and harder i have to work hella over time cause i have exams and i have to turn in all my work so i dont get bad grades whatever. i hate comming home and reflecting... saying yo wtf did i do today another waste of my life. but in all things i guess thats how it is, life gives you many unfair chances to actually be progressive and happy thats kinda what ive learned you have to actually do what you want to, to earn your happiness actually right now im just blabbing on about nothing i just need to pass the time right now, chilling at a friends house not doing nothing except watching tv, it kinda makes me wana go home and sleep fuck it all this is some gayyy shit fuck it fuck it fuck it -_-
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