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Date: May 7th, 2007 9:42:33 am - Subscribe
Mood: braindead

[music] [dead presidents - jay z & nas]

as i get older the more i realize how much we have changed, seriously, today i just walked by the elementary school and daang these kids are so hella innocent theyre all "hey buddy lets play soccer, cmon guys ill be goalie and you guys try to score pass me" unlike nowadays the only thing my friends are trying to score is chicks or whos the better drinker whatever wtf we used to not know stuff like that back in the day never sware curse or nothing even kick each others ass over some girl or just a little beef like "what are you staring at dumb fuck" duuuudes.... it feels like yesterday that me and the guys where just playing tag or something instead of tag with spray cans or some shiba. whatever happened to those days, did we just suddenly lose our innocence to become the piss drunk, crack headed, smoking homies we are today whatever i guess life goes on, no matter how old i get. i will always remember the kid inside of me and the innocence that i still have... or...had. whatever

im out
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Date: Mar 15th, 2007 9:34:53 am - Subscribe
Mood: im hella tired

[Music] [ Extreme Ways ] [ John Powell ]

fucking hell, all the drama that goes on with school is fucking fucking gayyyy. straight up gayyyyy. fo sho

my friend got pregnant holy shitsfjabjajboaigh!
and shes 16, daymmn girl... shes getting an abortion so i hear from ppl but thats still pretty fucked up. besides that shit im busy the whole week everyday after school i got baseball practice, and after that i have damn track conditioning hella sucks yo. damn baseball is so intense now since we only got 3 weeks until we go to Singapore for the tournament and those 2 weeks we have spring break so we aren't going to get practice, shit!! we have never beaten Singapore, those bastards! goddamn their school is like a teen movie its so stupid jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, band fruits, rebels whatever its all there.

WHAAATEVER this is gay. damnit i have swimming first period, freezing cold water, IN MANILA WTF!?!?

shit ima hit tha sheets
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Date: Mar 13th, 2007 9:38:29 am - Subscribe
Mood: confuzzled

[that girl] [pharrell]
damnit im hella trippin over a girl
sucks yo
i wish i could tell her but
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who i am
Date: Mar 13th, 2007 9:33:45 am - Subscribe
Mood: philosophical

[music] [Traffic-Tiesto]
I'm Matt.
i into hardcore and hip hop.
i am really into friendship.
if i have a girlfriend id be deeply in love with her.
i dance haha
i am very confused about life in general.
i get into trouble a lot.
i am open minded.
i hate discrimination.
i wont judge you unless i know you.
i live my life for myself. not you. you stupid b****.
i dont care about the rules.
don't preach to me.
authority sucks.
school sucks.
life sucks.
im not here to impress.
I'm just saying what comes to mind.

Style is the answer to everything
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing

To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing
a dangerous thing without it

To do a dangerous thing with style
Is what I call Art.

tomorrow i have to wake up and go to school, when i get there im going to have to go to math class how gayy is that. later i got swimming for pe and thats also gayy o well. then we got some stupid ass assembly and after that is lunch how great o_0 play ball with the homies whaaatever. then we got filipino class yo! even if that class can be hella fun i still dont look forward to going to it cuz of the people who are there... then finally geography class now that is a fucking useless subject its so homo when are you really going to use geography all the time?! like in a profession?! 1 job! whatever fuck it, with all this shit i gotta deal with friends who i dont know seem like they all gotta thing out there to fucking kill me like kick my ass kinda shit all dissin me and stuff at the slightest mishap or somthing like that. girls who i can surely say they are the bitchiest girls in all of the Philippines spoiled, money, parties, boyfriends whatever sure plastic and transparent to me. then just the ordinary people that i see maybe talk to for a moment or so just there whatever. then i after school i gotta go to some other school and practice nationals and stuff it seems i never get a free day when i can just go home do my homework and sleep, nawww i got all this stuff and major assessments due this week, well thats life for tomorrow.
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Date: Mar 7th, 2007 6:43:03 am - Subscribe
Mood: tired

straight up

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