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Flame-resistant Heat conduction Insulation Coating

Dec 22nd, 2007 1:07:07 am - Subscribe

Product Information
Product name: Flame-resistant Heat conduction Insulation Coating
Model No: FR60
Brand Name: SVchem
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order: 100KG
Payment Terms: T/T
Delivery Lead Time: 10days
Supply Ability: 100Ton/month
Quality/Safety Certifications: ISO9000
Inside Casing: 5kg drum
Outside Casing: carton

Organ silicon flame-resistant heat conduction high voltage insulation coating

Characteristic and performance

The FR60 series organ silicon is flame-resistant the heat conduction high voltage insulation coating, which coordinate other polymers and the high performance material by the special organ silicon rubber but becomes through the polymer alloy technology preparation, has the following remarkable characteristic:

——the insulation performance is outstanding, effectively ceases the transformer substation universal existence the micro-organism short-circuits the human body injury taken by breakdown and charged naked;

——the heat conduction performance is fine, prompt releasing arrangement quantity of heat, prevents the heat energy accumulation and the hyperpyrexia, not flammable has from extinguishes the nature, is flame-resistant the effect to be remarkable, reaches the FV-0 level;

——High strength, high adhesion, elimination coating and equipment air gap, Prevents the acid, the alkali, the salt and the atmosphere to the material corrosion;

——Moisture-proof, hydrophobic water repellency, Bears the ozone, bears the ultraviolet ray, Bears the radiation, Bears the aging, May realize exempts the maintenance long period movement;

——its takes shape, the easy to operate, suits in the heterogeneous type equipment and the component surface protection and special electric contact spot insulation protection processing.


This in view of the electricity, the electric power and the related profession to the equipment and the primary device insulation protection, the heat conduction, is flame-resistant with the heat resistance is moisture-proof and so on the request, drew up the enterprise standard "Organ silicon To be flame-resistant heat conduction High Voltage Insulation Coating Technical standard" (Q/SV 11-2001), The routine inspection and the pattern examine qualified (for details sees technical specification data sheet) completely.

Range of Application

It is suitable for losing in the electrical power Transmission system in the High Voltage the mother arrange, putting on the wall drive pipe, the high efficiency electrical machinery, the dry type transformer, the switch cabinet, outside the electric cable prime need insulates, the heat conduction, is flame-resistant, the moisture-proof protection equipment and the primary device, particularly in the electrical part which in contamination, in the moist environment.

This has the fine construction characteristic, Carries on to the geometry shape complex primary device surface spreads seals the protection effect to be remarkable, its physics and chemistry target performance is better than hotly contracts the drive pipe.

Operation guide

To be spread the spot surface to carry on the convention to sweep clear, decontamination and degreasing, fat processing, keep its surface clean. This is the single component coating, even spread with the hair brush either the same tool spreads in is spread the equipment or the primary device must protect the spot. Spreads brushes one coating thickness is 0.5 millimeter generally, may according to the actual need, grasps spreads brushes the number of times and rubber thickness. The coating should leak proof spread, not dribble, does not hang the silk.

When the coating uncaps the use, if has not used up, should turn off the lid immediately, the seal preservation next time again will use.

Package , storage , and transportation

The product packing or models is packed in the airtight metal flexible hose, As storing maintains dry and ventilates, prevented all day exposes to the sun, the rain drenches. The storage period is 6 months, after surpasses the storage time, after duplicate examined qualified still may use.

Please accord to non- dangerous material storage and transportation.

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