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Back from a break
Date: May 19th, 2006 12:34:21 pm - Subscribe

Mood: wired
Noise: Gorillaz - Dracula

Haven't been here for a long time it seems. Haven't felt like writing for a long time. Maybe the laziness took over me, not sure.

So with my returning I made a new design. It's simple and i like it =] Worked on it the whole day instead of learning for my exams. Feels good to ignore problems. Ahhh, those little things make me happy wink.gif

And now, for the news:
1. I baught a new acoustic guiter. Named her "Berlin".
2. Went to my friend's birthday, got drunk, ate glass, the cops showed up and I ended up hiding in the closet. They took my friend and now he's in jail (he's sitting there a month and a week already).
3. Went to a shrink.
4. Read lots of books.
5. Baught "Friends" DVD (and a bunch of movis).
6. Sued a music company. The trial is in less than 2 months.
And that's it, I think.

Now I gotta go grab something to eat. Haven't ate all day long =/
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