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Not enough, never enough.
Date: Jun 27th, 2006 1:45:19 am - Subscribe

Mood: horrible
Noise: Pearl Jam - Immortality

Sleepless nights come to me like bullets, tearing my flesh with the sharpness and speed of light. The memories kill me with their physical presence. They come in silence, braking each and every bone of my body. The pain breaks me, chills my body and soul. My inside screams, paralizing me.
My eyes are sore from the tears. They are the dirt inside me, coming out of my system. It's like being possessed by six demons at once. I shake and twist while the sky remains peaceful. The attacks make no change in nature. "Nothing is left remarkable beneath the visiting moon" says Shakespeare. This is so horrible. I am so young, yet I feel so tired and drained, like a 5000 year-old. This pure suffering washes any other feeling, any thoughts. Just STOP!
No colors, no shapes...
All the masks in my prestige collection fall from the shelf and shatter on the floor into small pieces of dust. I cannot hide.
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tron - June 27th, 2006
It is precisely, I believe, being young that gives us the energy to be so torn...


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