Two Moons
Date: Wednesday, 05 - September 2007, 17:50 - Subscribe
Mood: unsettled

Unrest haunts the waiting mind,
Never sleeping, never leaving.
Two moons staring, gleaming, weaving
Every man's two paths of destiny.

A face for temptation and hidden lust,
No withstanding, no retreat.
A second face shows frustration beat by beat
When a darkness sweeps away all daring feat.

One face to fake a happy truth,
Misleading right as false and wrong.
A face for sadness and for grief
To compensate what will be lost or never gained.

And last not least,
A face to find a righteous move.
Never to be seen, and never to be found
As time will cover all that was.

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Date: Friday, 08 - June 2007, 17:43 - Subscribe
Mood: neurotic
Category: Daily`s

Stumbling about in darkness,
no orientation, no guide to be found.
Shapes deforming in a distorted mind,
reshaping in a glimpse on the ground.
Moments of truth, certain and brief,
a hidden desire unfolding profound.

I dont know why these lines came to my mind just now, they barely make sense... I miss her. It's dangerous business with her.
I should sleep instead of wondering, thinking, pondering. I will probably mess this up. Ending heartbroken. This time there won't be salvation. Should I tell her at all?
No way out... I miss her, it hurts...
Guess whatever I do, there is still Murphy to consider...

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Date: Friday, 01 - June 2007, 13:56 - Subscribe
Mood: dazed
Category: Daily`s

It's a dangerous thing, this temptation. And it's so basic that almost any intelligent lifeform will probably be tempted by someone or something once in a while. Usually the most tempting items are the most expensive ones... they don't necessarily cost money, they may cost anything that's worth something.
Some people might claim, that temptation is the evil that clouds the judgement of a rational mind, but isn't there more to it? Simplifying things are the means to justify a irrational thought, or is it just an attempt to grasp the complex nature of that thought?

Temptation probably creates as many things as it destroys, if you can measure it at all. It breaks hearts, produces smiles, unleashes anger, spends comfort...
Definitely curious.

Guess it's not as much as to make someone wonder why, but to explain, why I am sinking into the depth of temptation lately. The more I try to diverse myself, the less it helps to banish the thoughts from my mind.
It's this fruit that you are not allowed to eat, that juwelry that you cannot afford... it's just a pain...

I fcking hate her for doing that to me... she knows, she just has to... and that when I thought I was falling for someone... Murphy's Law, ain't it?

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The sine function
Date: Saturday, 26 - May 2007, 19:56 - Subscribe
Mood: philosophical
Category: Daily`s

It has arrived.... finally. A brand new machine with lots of power and a fcking huge tft to work with. I spent some hours assembling it, and some more hours installing the software. Now it runs like a kitten.
And it's fast too.... suppose a geforce8600gts does cut it, if you compare it to my old radeon9600se *grins*.

Anyway, the tide has turned for now. I have been slacking on university last week, and I enjoy life a bit more now. *shrug*. I should mention that I blame a certain woman for this ^^.
But I should get back on track soonish, or I will fail my exams. I just have to pass, there is no other way, is there?

Last weekend I noticed that I was majorely slacking on writing my novel. Of course university is more important, but I just pushed it out of my mind lately.
Maybe I should start again soonish.... *mumbles*.

Oh yea, if you ever consider doing some Visual Studio, think again. I am forced to use it, and there is no day passing that VS doesn't fck up one way or another. I have no clue whatsoever why MS cannot write a program that is either not as buggy as a minefield, or is incapable of being compatible with a vast amount of other software, sometimes even their own stuff. Bah, things like these make me wanna dump MS once and for all and undermine their servers and erase all their backups *grmbl*.

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Date: Tuesday, 22 - May 2007, 03:23 - Subscribe
Mood: jumpy
Category: Daily`s

Waiting ....
waiting for the postman to ring the doorbell. Most likely he will come by today. I am awaiting the arrival of my new computer, or at least the parts that will at one point be my new .....

Okay the postman was here. It was only a part of my computer unfortunately, so I will have to wait until tomorrow until the rest arrives.
That still does not account for TFT that I ordered, but that one should arrive til the end of the week as well.

Oh I am excited. My old machine was giving me trouble alot lately. Not booting and that kind. Well, it's an old model, so my guess is, the mainboard is dying, slowly, again.

Guess I have to check the box, I am gonna be so pissed if they missed out on a part....

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