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It looks like the blog is online and running. You could call this a test entry, while I figure out a way to import all the content from other blogs :)


It seems I will not be able to add my old entries just like that, since I just can't seem to find a way to alter the entrydates.

Still, I will add my other blogs tomorrow and categorize the entries :)

Btw, this blog rocks.... you can customize almost everything....

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switch Do not meddle in the Affairs of Dragons..
Date: Thursday, 12 - April 2007, 15:51 - Subscribe
Mood: geeked
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..for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

At least that's what the geek girls say.
You heard right, geek girls!

Well, what's so weird about geek girls? I don't know, because I don't think there is anything weird about them :). Except maybe that they are geeks *laugh*.
No, seriously, geek girls are somewhat hot actually. They don't like shopping mostly, they listen to proper music and they, most importantly, are interested in things you can have a conversation about. Not like other girls don't have topics you can converse about, but a part is reserved for people that take interest in clothes, makeup, guys, clothes, hairstyles, clothes, beauty care whatever, and last but not least clothes. Of course this is a prejudice and far from the truth, but so is the claim that men only think about sex.
Well, back to geek girls..
I suppose the attractive thing about geek girls is not only the geek part. The geek part you can of course live with, I mean, c'mon, a girlfriend that beats you in Ikaruga is like _the_ dreamgirl. And the rest that is not geek is easy to adapt. I am talking about frozen pizza's as main diet and being able to sleep with a computer running inside the room ;).

Ah I dunno, geek girls are awesome.. everyone should have one *laugh*.

Guess since I writing for a larger audience now (there just has to be one or two people finding their way onto this blog *evilgrin*) I probably have to add, that ranting about things like these isn't meant to offend anyone :). It just helps me focus on other things, to just write these weird topics and thoughts down and dump them somewhere, so I don't need to carry them around ^^.

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switch Time stands still
Date: Thursday, 12 - April 2007, 19:46 - Subscribe
Mood: energized
Category: Daily`s

It's only 2:35am and I don't seem to be any tired yet. Usually around midnight I start to lean back and think about the things I wanna do before sleep swallows my conscious self.. not today anyway.

I wonder about ... things.
How is 'she' doing at the hospital? To clarify, 'she' is someone I write mail with, alot of mail, really long, nice and comfy mail.
Why is the mysterious woman on my mind not answering any messages? I just remember one image, with a cute smile on her lips, and a somewhat absent expression in her eyes. Suppose if I was hyped about her, then she'd manage to collect straying thoughts on my mind without any trouble... reminds me of my french girl... but since I ain't hyped, it's prolly a 'normal' reaction ^^.

Maybe tomorrow will be such a sunny, beautiful day, just like today... and a double maybe for actually doing something outside ;).

If I didn't feel it, I wouldn't believe it... I am actually feeling tired for once. Sleep calls...

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switch Finally finished
Date: Friday, 13 - April 2007, 11:32 - Subscribe
Mood: euphoric
Category: Daily`s

I have been working on the css for the blog for a while now, and I am happy to say that I am done now. I had that idea which allowed the Polarity setting to be stored in a cookie, but well, that's not allowed. Maybe I gonna come up with a different idea.

Alrighty, my mp3 player is done storing music, so I can finally go running, the weather is just _teh_ ownage today. 22 degree around 6:30pm, what more can you ask? Well, I don't wanna go into that subject... *laugh*.

I am off to shape up *cheers*.

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switch Scarce Commodity: Time
Date: Friday, 13 - April 2007, 19:12 - Subscribe
Mood: overworked
Category: Daily`s

Writing code makes hours fly by, gone without a trace. Earlier I spent revamping a troubleticket system that I wrote for work. I noticed so many bugs and codesnips that I would write completely different now, it's scary. I am not prepared to rewrite the current version of the system tho, maybe somewhen in the near future I will add more features, prolly module-based, and just keep the class-structure. Will have to decide when the time has arrived.

I have been working on a book, and frankly I am still on it. After reconsidering the project plan I may put up another blog about the book. I mean, it's still in an early stage, just about gathering data and finding the strings that keep the story up and running. So I thought about posting short stories, ideas, data and brainstorms on another blog.
Maybe it will speed up the process a little, who knows :).

The scary thing really is, that I have alot more planned than I have time to spare.
- Scheduler in Java as program and applet with a servlet so you can synchronize data
- Fantasy Novel
- Troubleticket System Phase 2
- Increase my Go rank
- Beat 'Who wants to live forever 2'
- Train my Bullet-Hell Shooter skills on DC
- Beat Ikaruga on Normal
- Finish X-Files Season 3-End
- Properly learn Perl (what I know by now is enough for most tasks, but there is no 'flow', if you know what I mean)
- Study (yea well, I still have to pass classes at Uni)
- Refine my 3ds Max knowledge and modelling skills
Good thing is, I always have something to do that I enjoy doing. Bad thing is, the list grows faster than I can finish up a task.

Tomorrow I will priorize that list, and see what I can do :).
And maybe rant about weird topics again ^^.

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