jim Switching to T-Mobile from AT&T
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Well hello everyone (which I know is not many people)! Long time no blog.

Today's entry is about switching from AT&T to T-Mobile! First let's start off with my history. I was originally on Sprint, which had crappy reception, but great service. I actually miss Sprint, they were great at dropped call refunds etc.

Now Lyndsey showed me an article that was probably on Oprah about saving money. How switching to a "Pay as you Go" plan can save you money cause you only pay for the minutes you use. This seemed like a great idea. I did some calculations between ending AT&T's contract (cancellation fees) and starting up T-Mobile with $100/phone. I figured as long as we keep under 1,000 minutes every 4 months we are coming out about $300/year ahead on the phones.

Since we have wanted to get a new home phone, we decided that we will get the new home phone, use that over our cellphones and then use the cellphones for more of "emergency" situations. So far today I have used 1 minute on my phone to check voicemail. This seems like a great deal as the 1,000 minutes last for 1 year.

Let me explain why I did not just use AT&T's pay as you go (As their network coverage is awesome). The main reason why was the pay as you go rate was pretty steep, .25 cents a minute or $1/day used and 10 cents a minute. I do not like the $1/day idea, due to the fact that it can add up to be a bit more than I bargained for. Where as T-Mobile had a similiar setup, except the non-$1/day plan was 10 cents a minute if you buy 1,000 minutes and the minutes do not expire for a year.

Hmmm? Which would you choose? So I spent all night the other night unlocking our w580i Sony Ericsson phone so we would not need to buy new phones. This took a while, but worked great. Unlocking the phones were very easy with multiple tutorials online. (This also debranded the phone which was an added bonus).

Now we are on a "Pay as you Go" plan and are hoping that in the long run this will save us money. As we are going to use our cell-phones more for emergency usage as appose to convenience/daily use. For our home phone we went with Vonage as my Wife's mom has it and it seems to work great for a good price, $30/month unlimited long distance and Voicemails sent to email! Plus the first month and hardware was free.

So far it seems to be working great, now we just have to get our family and friends in the habit of calling the homephone first before our cell phones and we are in good shape.

I will update in a few months on how this worked out for us. And as always:

Thanks for Reading,

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jim Expanding the Family
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Song: Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

Expanding the Family


Well today I am writing to you that my wife is finally pregnant. We had been trying for about 7 months and she finally tested positive! We are so excited. This is truly a blessing and it came at the right time...in time for Christmas and just in time since she graduated a week before we found out!

How we told her family (since this is their first grandchild/great grandchild) was she made them each a picture frame with a thing inside that says "Picture coming in 9 months" and on the outside it had like "World's best grandma" etc. Then had them all open it on Christmas Eve.

Everyone was so excited it was awesome. Her mom teared up and yea, it became the best Christmas present for everyone. My family was a bit less dramatic but we decided to tell my niece first and let her spill the beans since I just love my niece =) She was excited and about 20 seconds later we got a call back from my sister congratulating us.

Well this had to be my favorite Christmas of all times. I got exactly what I wanted and so did my wife and her family and my family.

Well it had been a long time since I updated this blog and decided to tell the world...I am going to be a father!

Thanks for Reading,

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jim Two for the Price of One
Date: 2/28/2008 - Subscribe
Mood: incredulous
Song: Pennywise - Who's to Blame

Two for the Price of One

Yesterday was a good day. As stated earlier I had Big-O-Tires fix some stuff on my truck. Well it seemed that the sales representative told me they had the wrong tires in stock. Lucky for me those were better tires and they gave me the tires they had in stock for the price of the tires I wanted to get on. It ended up being like I got two tires for the price of one. And let me tell you the upgraded tires were very nice!

Well last night we went to Homedepot to get a price quote on cabinets, and wow I was amazed. Not amazed by prices, quality or staff. I was simply amazed that I knew more than the guy designing our cabinets did. He could barely add and multiply. Not to mention he guessed on almost everything. So we are sticking with Darby's Cabinets here in Denver. He is a local business man who does custom cabinets. His motto is (and this is on a free screwdriver he gives out), "We screw the other guys and pass the savings to you."

The nice thing was I went to HomeDepot to check it out cause he challenged me to. Home depot wanted $4,000 with 10% off for our cabinets, for crap quality at that in the wrong colors. That did not even include the bar we want to put there. At Darby's he quoted us $2,600 for more linear feet, at least 6 more linear feet. Nearly 50% off, and they will be better quality and exactly what we want as it is custom made.

Needless to say I am disappointed and pleased at the same time. I am excited that I know we are going to get an awesome deal on cabinets, but very disappointed that HomeDepot charges that much overhead and I feel bad for anyone who gets screwed into buying cabinets from HomeDepot. On top of that HomeDepot tried to force warranties, installation, removal, and for us to "buy a measure". Where as Darby Cabinets never even tried to force anything on to us and explained everything in great detail, while showing he knew what he was doing and was not trained for 1 hour and called a "designer".

Enough of that rambling, I will make a blog dedicated to Darby's Cabinets after we make the purchase on my main blog. Hope everyone else is having a good day.

Thanks for Reading,

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jim Better Days
Date: 2/27/2008 - Subscribe
Mood: jocund
Song: Sublime - What I Got

Better Days

Well the days are starting to look better. Yestarday I was really tired when I got home and after getting back from a friends house I had a nice dinner made by Lyndsey and we sat and talked at the table. Then I went upstairs and played my game for roughly an hour, but was not able to motivate myself to code. So instead I went in and watched TV with Lyndsey, and after watching to loser fest (the biggest loser) and those jokes called guys crying over voting off that one joker just went to bed at around 9pm. The weird thing was I was still tired this morning but motivated myself enough to drop my truck off at Big-O-Tires (its about a half mile from work and I had to walk to work from there). The walk felt good, other than it was rushed cause I was late for work.

Anyhow it feels good to get my truck in the shop and that off my mind and chest. My tires were showing steel and I needed an alignment/oil change. I always liked Big-O-Tires cause of their warranty and free flat repairs etc. They have never treated me wrong or bad.

Hopefully today keeps looking up and the past will be put behind me. The future keeps getting brighter each day.

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jim Getting Back on Track
Date: 2/26/2008 - Subscribe
Mood: free
Song: MxPx - Want Ad

Getting Back on Track

I have been so far off the track the past 6 months to a year it is ridiculous. I am sick and tired of always putting stuff off and leaving 90% of what I do un-finished. Well the time for fixing that is now. It is time for me to get back on track with what I need to do.

I am unsure when I will be able to get caught up enough to work on Aeonity but hopefully it is in the next month or so. Right now I have many priorities to take care of, such as a website for my dad, a friend and another friend. All the while fixing some computer issues for another friend and getting our kitchen budgeted out and picking out cabinets/tile/sinks/counters etc to be ready for the end of March when my dad is suppose to be coming out and helping us out with that.

The next month I am going to busy with multiple projects that I hope to do an awesome job with and get my reputation built back up and credible. All the while making sure I have time to support my wife in anyway I can. Needless to say I am actually very happy and I cannot wait to get started. (Tonight I have to go fix one friend's computer problems and hopefully have time to design a few websites).

We will see how everything un-folds the next few weeks. I am very eager right now to take the next few steps into this new part of my life. I want to be truly happy again and I want everyone around me to be happy. It is time to start taking responsibilities for my own actions and following through with my decisions.

I feel free for the first time in a long time. My sky is the limit!

Thanks for Reading,

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jim The Perfect Song for me Right Now
Date: 2/25/2008 - Subscribe
Mood: Very Pleasent
Song: Blink 182 - Dammit

Well with everything that has been going on lately this is a perfect song for me right now. I was actually getting lunch and this song came on that made me think how it can apply to my situation right now. I am still acting very childish and I just need to really grow up and take life as it comes in a positive look.

I know this song is about cheating etc, and for the record that is not what I am getting out of the song. Basically I am getting out that I know I have screwed up in the past, and with the help of one person they can get me back on track for our master plan.

Anyhow here is the song by Blink 182 titled Dammit:

It's alright
To tell me
What you think
About me
I won't try
To argue
Or hold it
Against you
I know that
You're leaving
You must have
Your reasons
The season
Is calling
And your pictures
Are falling down

And it's happened once again
I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
Sees through the master plan
But everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up
Well I guess this is growing up

The steps that
I retrace
A sad look
On your face
The timing
And structure
Did you hear
He f**ked her?
A day late
A buck short
I'm writing
The report
I'm losing
And failing
When I move
I'm flailing now

And it's happened once again
I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
Sees through the master plan
But everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up
Well I guess this is growing up

And maybe
I'll see you
At a movie
Sneak preview
You'll show up
And walk by
On the arm
Of that guy
And I'll smile
And you'll wave
We'll pretend
It's okay
The charade
It won't last
When he's gone
I won't come back

And it's happened once again
I'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
Sees through the master plan
But everybody's gone
And I've been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up
Well I guess this is growing up

And it'll happen once again
You'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
And sees through the master plan
But everybody's gone
And you've been here for too long
To face this on your own
Well I guess this is growing up
Well, I guess this is growing up
Well, I guess this is growing up

Thanks for Reading,

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jim An Update for the Wise
Date: 2/07/2008 - Subscribe
Mood: puzzled
Song: Presidents of the U.S.A - Lump

An Update for the Wise

Well I finally feel like updating my blog. It has been a few months and since Petey has died and Lyndsey got a new rabbit named Milly. I am still the same old, nothing real new going on. Everything is sort of at a stand still on the house etc.

Really not much else to say I am still kicking and Lynds and I are doing great. Will update when something exciting happens.

Thanks for Reading,

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jim Petey and Pancho
Date: 9/28/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: jovial
Song: Jeeprs Creepers by ???

Petey and Pancho

Well last night Lyndsey and I went and bought 2 Betta fishes. Mine is named Pancho and hers is named Petey. Along with the fish we bought the kit which contained food, rocks, tank and a plant for each fish. We figured since we are not ready to have a cat or a dog that this is the next best thing. I say whatever keeps her occupied.

We will see how long they will last, my sister had a few of them and they never lasted too long. I wonder if ours will be different. If they do not last, well for $3 we can go buy another fish.

Thats all the news I have for today. Oh like the new template?

Thanks for Reading,

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jim My New Addiction
Date: 9/10/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: addicted
Song: They Might be Giants - Particle Man

My New Addiction

Well I recently picked up playing The World of Warcraft and WOW! It is amazingly addicting. After my 10-free day trial (which I can give someone if they want to try playing) I had to buy a CD-Key with 30-days free. Well so far I only play on RP servers (Role Playing) and my main one is Korin Tor.

My in-game character name is ixfrostxi, so look me up if you are ever around and feel free to shoot me an email jim [-at-] aeonity dot com if you are interested in a free 10-day trial key.

Thanks for Reading,

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jim The Thyroid Diet Book
Date: 8/20/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: comfortable
Song: Violent Femmes - American Music

The Thyroid Diet Book

Well everyone I am going to actually try a diet specifically for Thyroids. After some long thoughts I have decided that the reason it is so difficult for me to lose weight is that the weight is thyroid weight. Which somehow is very different to shed the pounds. I bought a book from an author on About.com who seems very legitimate and the price was reasonable. Heck $15 with shipping is very reasonable considering that Body for life is a lot more than that and they try to sell you on a bunch of products. Anyhow I am going to try this diet and see how it works. I will keep everyone up to speed on the process and how I am dealing with the new diet. If this works like I am hoping it does you can count on there being a great post about it on my FrosT's Denver Colorado Blog.

For now keep in tune as I should be updating in roughly 3 days once I received the book and have read through it. Anyhow, back to life!

Thanks for Reading,

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jim The Art of Letting Go
Date: 7/13/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: stubborn
Song: Tom Petty - Into the Great Wide Open

The Art of Letting Go

I have never been good at letting something go. Whether it was the choices my sisters made, a fight that I had with someone, a death, or something someone said to me. I have no clue why it is so tough for me to just let something be free from me. Not let myself get over emotional about it and just let it go, especially after 3 years have passed.

Back in February of 2004, my dog Gus died. He was ran over by some person in Wyoming at around 9:00pm at night. Ever since then my morale has been completely different. Gained weight, been depressed and it even ruptured a Thyroid problem I had. Well it still effects my morale to this day I feel. For the past few years I noticed that I still have not let myself go of my best friend.

Now I am sitting here looking at a picture of me a few months before Gus died. My whole ora(sp?) just seems to be brighter and happier. I cannot get over that. Which is how I started thinking about this subject again. I do not know why I am still holding on to this burden. All I know is that I am ready to move onto a happier and healthier life style. There is only one more move I have to make which I will take care of later tonight. After that, this segment is completed and I will move on. After that I hope to be seen as a whole new Jim. I also hope to get myself off my Thyroid medication. As I feel it is taking over me in a way I do not want it to. I need to be able to control my own emotions without the help of a pill.

My first step, after taking care of letting my best friend go and finally let myself be free will be a hike. Nothing better than a hike to get rid of un-wanted thoughts. I will leave them on the trail behind me.

Hopefully my morale will continue to get better and my life style will also be more pleasing for my wife and I. Let's see if I can start following through with what I start.

Thanks for Reading,

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chronicle Of creatures, beasts and myths
Date: 6/23/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: tired

Din had become not only a place for humanoids, but also for various animals and creatures. The gods found various purposes and reasons for inventing animals. The Dina'i reckoned for a long time, that many creatures brought to Din were in fact creatures that the gods knew from their world. The incredible detail that was put in behaviour and design was intriguing for many historians and scientists all over Din.
And so there were animal to increase the speed that work was done. Horses and mules, and camels and dogs. The gods also created animals to influence the general mood of the Dina'i, like cats, and mice, and colorful birds. Din's nature was full with pretty animals, annoying ones, useless ones and many many more.
The gods also created myths around beasts, mostly to scare off the Dina'i. The most known myth is about Likos, a giant seamonster, crushing ships that sail too far from the coast. Stories tell that Likos was never seen near the continents, nor near 'Die Schwelle', but various sailor claim to have seen it. Just the appearence seems to vary from story to story.
Another well-known story is used to scare off children, to make them go to bed. It is said that Kendrin, der geflügelte Dämon(the winged demon), hungers for children that are awake after sunset, and he will steal their will to live, making them die in an instant. Kendrin has many names: Heron Existenzdieb(Lifetaker) is he called by the Ginosprii, Grauäugiger(Grey-eyed) Kendrin is his name around Mergon, Kendrin der Graue(the Grey) is his name in eastern Anos, and the Thunebians call him Kjen, Jäger der Finsternis(Nightstalker).
The third story known to most Dina'i tells from the days when the gods created Din. It is said, that an immortal creature was brought into the world, ordered to protect the innocent and the helpless. It was gigantic in size, and proud enough to be a legend of its own. Wings could take it up into the clouds, so it was able to see the righteous and the unlawful.
There are many tales that tell of dragons, their appearence and their doings. One tale though is different. Kendrin is said to have emerged from the shadow of the dragons. Dragons could only be a pure race, if they were purified from evil, and so Kendrin is said to be the counterpart of the dragons on Din.

The gods created many things on Din, and even evil would prevail on that creation. Many tales and myths are known to the Dina'i, some possibly true, some frightening and some are just fiction, but the Dina'i may never find the truth about all of gods' creations.

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jim Our First Anniversary
Date: 5/29/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: Fatigued
Song: Sublime - What I Got

Our First Anniversary

Yestarday was our first Anniversary (Lyndsey and I). I have been planning our Anniversary for the past 3 months. The day started off great, I could not sleep and was awake at 5:00am. After showering and getting cleaned up I woke Lyndsey up and told her she needed to get ready so we can goto her Anniversary present. On the way there, it seemed like we were going to the middle of no-where and she thought I was kidnapping her and taking her to the middle of no-where, I than asked if she liked dirt biking (knowing she does not and would never go dirt bike riding.) She then gave me a little look like "oh my gosh is he serious?"

We continued on our journey to the "middle of no-where". We arrived at the Ft. Lupton Airport in Colorado, when she saw the airport she asked, "How are we going dirt bike riding at the airport?" I told her it was going to be a priviate flight tour instead. After I went inside and asked for Directions to Hangar 34G. Once we got to Hangar 34G Lyndsey finally realized what her present was. I was taking her Sky Diving thrrough Mile High (MILE-HI) Sky Diving. Lyndsey nearly peed her pants once she found out what we were doing. She had no clue, as I have always told her, "I would never sky dive." Well I guess I was lieing but really the only reason I did Sky Dive was because of her.

At anyrate we get in to the place and pay for the Sky Diving trip (not very cheap) and paid for a videographer for her. Then come the wait, I was actually very calm, since well I knew about it for 3 months. Lyndsey was really nervous and anxious. After we met Lyndsey's instructor and he went over the basics it was time to wait again, as the guys who jumped into the CU Stadium for the Boulder Boulder marathon in Boulder, Colorado were using the plan right then. About 15 minutes later it was time to suit up. the suits they have are pretty comfortable but the harnesses are what were uncomfortable because they had to be very tight.

15 minutes later we were on the plane and flying around the airport to get to 12,000 ft, which is the altitude where we would be jumping from. The ride in the plane was noisy, but it was fun. We watched one guy jump out of the plane at 4,000 ft, he was a "low" jumper. After that no one else jumped out until the 12,000 ft mark. Lyndsey and I were the last ones to go, I went first so the videographer could get me jumping out of the plane. Lyndsey told me later on the ground that watching me jump of the plane was the scariest part of the whole trip.

I am now diving through the sky, it was insane, my instructor flipped me upside down so I could see my wife exiting the plane for a brief moment and so I could see how fast we were going by how faraway the plane was getting. It was awesome. He summarsalted us so now we were right in the wind looking at the ground. It was very hard to breath, I found that putting my chin up a little bit provided me more an easy way to breathe through my nose. After what seemed like 5 seconds of free-fall my instructor told me to pull the chord, all I could think of was, "already?" Once the chute was open and I could hear again I asked the instructor how long we were in free-fall for. He told me around 45 seconds. I could not believe that. It seemed only like 5 seconds of that awesome feeling.

Once the chute opened up, the initial tug was not bad at all. Maybe because I was attached to someone. What did hurt was the constant tension on your legs from the harness and your armpits, I later found out I had bruises both places. Now we are parachuting at about 1,500 ft I see Lyndsey above me, and not long after she was below me, her parachute was open also, for some reason they just went down alot faster than we did. We took our time and I got some practice in on how to "flare" the chute to make it stop and how to properly land without jacking up your ankles. It is the best feeling floating over the earth and the view was spectacular. Seeing all the little specs that were cars and the tops of all building and miles and miles around you.

When we landed it was not nearly as bad or scary as I thought it would be, that actually seemed like the easiest part of the whole trip. When I landed on the ground not a few seconds after I get un-attached from the instructor my wife gives me a big hug, and tells me how it went for her.

After the sky diving I decided that we would want something "Relaxing" to do. So I took Lyndsey to the Boondocks in Thornton, CO where we rode Go-Karts, ate lunch and played 2 games of Putt-Putt with a few arcade games on the side. After 3 hours of that we were getting very tired and decided to go to her mom's house where dinner would be served. Once we were at Lyndsey's moms house, after telling her what her daughter had just done, Lyndsey fell asleep almost immediatley. We had a delicious turkey dinner and than watched Man on Fire. After which Lyndsey and I went home as I had to work today and she has school.

She told me that was the best day she had ever had and would never forget the expierence, although she has no urge to jump out of a plane again, she loved the expierence and is happy to cross that off of her "ToDo Before I Die" list.

As for me, I would love to jump again, now all I have to wait for is someone to ask me if I would go sky diving with them, maybe it will never happen again, hopefully it will. Either way I will be happy that I did achieve this great feat, of overcoming my fear and letting go to have probably the greatest expierence of my life which I will always cherish the memories of.

Thanks for Reading,

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chronicle Technology
Date: 4/17/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: irritated
Song: Basics

Din always had a variety of different technology levels, depending on Nation and region. Anos had become a technological metropolis after the clans decided to take a different approach each. That happened when the gods realized, that artifacts were not enough to support so many people on Din.

At first Anos was much much superior to the other Nations, they had to buy materials, and produce goods that could be used in manufacturing and development. And for decades they were falling behind.
It was when the Anean (inhabitants of Anos) people were taught how to forge metal and even produce steel. The Aneans built ships, that could travel at speeds no Dina'i had seen before. The ships were more robust and grew in size, so traders were eager to get a piece of their own.
Metals were also used in architecture, military and for the daily needs, and since steel and similar metals the Aneans produced were harder than anything known in Din, they almost monopolized the market.

The discovery of steel also brought a change to the common views on art, and many other things.
While the Dina'i were trading forged metals throughout the known world, the Aneans did not stop inventing things, and only after they put a zeppelin-like flyingmachine, using steampressure as primary drive, into massproduction, Zeitverlust put a stop to the eager scientists.

Nearly 80% of the products were destroyed or sunk into the depths of the ocean when Zeitverlust split the continent. And with many of the most skilled scientists and thinkers gone that had marched to war, to support the battle, but were killed instead, the Aneans suffered a major breakdown in economy and wealth.
Old Mergon had been destroyed completely in Zeitverlust and even had to be rebuild somewhere else. The beauty, architecture and inhabitants were all destroyed with the city itself. Even today Mergon does not match the Old Mergon, which has sunk into 'Die Schwelle' (the edge) which had formed where Zeitverlust had taken place. It's a cursed place between the 3 continents, with many myths and stories circling around it, and the place itself littered with shallow reefs and misty weather, that cost many brave sailors' lives.

The Aneans are struggling to regain their power they once had, while trying to recover the knowledge that was lost.
Even tho whole Din had profited much from the technological advanced brought by the Aneans, none, neither the Ginosprii nor the Thunebians (inhabitants of Thuneb), had ever come close to the scientific brilliance.

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jim Reign Over Me
Date: 4/16/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: enamored
Song: Sublime - What I Got

Reign Over Me

Lyndsey and I want to see a movie last night after eating dinner at Black Eyed Peas (very good salads). The movie we choose was one that involved Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle, two very good actors. The movie was about a man who lost his wife and 3 girls from the terrorists attacks that happened on September 11th.

This is a very strong, heartfelt and emotional movie. Reign Over Me is a subtle comedy, but made you laugh hard. This profound movie really hit me hard, it made me wonder what would I do in Charlie Fineman's (Adam Sandlers) situation. I am still amazed by this movie and as a re-percussion still in a very deep and profound stage. It really makes you re-think the priorities you place in your life. It makes me wonder about how mine has been going.

I am still in deep thought about Reign Over Me and I hope to take the morals of the story into major consideration. The real questions are1, if someone you loved died tomorrow, is this how you would want them to remember you? And am I destroying a very good thing in my life by having other items take precedence?

I would highly recommend Reign Over Me to anyone. It is not another sad sap story to be tugged at 9/11 for money. If you were to ask me the story actually pulls away from that mood and Adam Sandler did a great job, one of the better movies I have seen him in, in a long time.

For a good laugh, cry and to be touched see Reign Over Me, you will not be disappointed.

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chronicle Glossary
Date: 4/15/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: inspired
Song: Glossary

I will keep this up to date. So this will probably be an extensive list somewhen :)

Aneans - inhabitants of Anos
Anos - clan of gods, also name of a Nation before Zeitverlust, and then name of a continent (capital Mergon)
Artefakt(eng. artifact) - device used to cast rituals, Dina'i cannot replicate them

Die Schwelle - a cursed area between the 3 continents where Zeitverlust took place, littered with shallow reefs and misty weather
Din - a flat world, created by the gods, center of the story
Dina'i - name for the inhabitants of Din

Eshra - a dreamworld, formerly only accessible by the gods and Shra'i, used to communicate with the gods

Ginospri - clan of gods, also name of a Nation before Zeitverlust, and then name of a continent (capital Rhun)
Ginosprii - inhabitants of Ginospri
god - the only name known for the creators of Din

Mergon - capital of Anos, also name of the clanchief of the gods' clan Anos

Old Mergon - the pride of Anos, former capital, sunk into Die Schwelle, was rebuilt as Mergon and the sunken city renamed as Old Mergon

Ritual(eng. ritual) - accessing and channeling the power of the gods
Roniden - name for advanced Ronis users
Ronidi - formulas needed for Ronis, usually spoken while performing Ronis
Ronis - a medium to cast rituals (used together with Ronidi) by drawing patterns

Shra'i - name for the people being able to transcend into Eshra
Sinishra - the process of seeing visions from the gods through Eshra

Thuneb - clan of gods, also name of a Nation before Zeitverlust, and then name of a continent (capital Thunebis)
Thunebians - inhabitants of Thuneb
Terushra - the process of contacting the gods through Eshra

Zeitverlust - a battle of magicians that lasted 9 days and that split Din's main continent into 3 and is also responsible for the loss of knowledge

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chronicle Magic and the impact on development
Date: 4/14/2007 - Subscribe
Mood: alone
Song: Basics

Magic is allowing humans to use the power of the gods. When the gods first taught humans how to use magic, or 'Rituale sprechen' (casting rituals) as the Ginosprii (inhabitants of Ginospri) call it, many people died, for they could not control the powers given to them (they were named rituals after the change happened that will be explained now).
So the gods sat together and decided on rituals, an artifact (artifact is the name given to devices capable of channeling rituals) and/or a medium that allows humans to use a certain spell.

At first the gods thought it easier to give them artifacts, so the Dina'i (inhabitants of Din) could use rituals to produce rain, control the elements to a certain degree or perform things that are refered to as 'white magic' on other resources on the net.
Time passes and the gods realized that artifacts didnt quite cut it, since the Dina'i could not reproduce the artifacts.

That's where the 3 clans decided to take different paths. The Dina'i on Anos gained the knowledge of technology and they turned away from rituals except for the few healers and magicians still in possession of artifacts. The Dina'i on Thuneb were great sailors, traders and explorers, so they exploited the land and dwelled gained much power and influence over a short period of time.

The Ginosprii on the other hand learned of a medium called 'Ronis' which is simply drawing patterns while speaking certain 'Ronidi' (ritual words) to cast a ritual. Depending on the effect Ronis was not particularily difficult to use, so the knowledge of the most basic element and healing rituals spread in Ginospri. In time Ronis spread through Din, just like the remaining artifacts kept travelling and soon most of Din knew the basic rituals.
The more advanced rituals stayed in a small circle of Roniden (advanced Ronis users) in Ginospri, and it always was like that.
Ginospri was not only the Nation of rituals, but also the Nation of spirituality and religion. The gods opened new ways for the Ginosprii to enter Eshra, and even tho the inhabitant count was not estimated high, they were considered wise and had much influence, because they had bonded with the gods, or so it was told in Anos and Thuneb.

After Zeitverlust Ginospri was merely a few farmers and traders, the rest had died in battle. Most afrtifacts had found their way to Ginospri through time, and through Zeitverlust many were lost, and so was the knowledge of rituals. It is said, that a handful Roniden survived to preserve the knowledge, but even after a few hundred years, it was still a rumour.

The basic rituals survived through Zeitverlust, and the Dina'i kept using them until this very day.

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chronicle Din and the Gods - A History Class
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Suppose I should start with the basics. (on a sidenote, german names will have a vague english translation in brackets, names without brackets are neither german nor english but pure fiction)

The location where the story takes place is a world, a flat world even called 'Din' that was created by the gods. Currently Din consists of 3 rather large continents, a few islands and ocean surrounding the landmass.

History tells, that Din was once created to find a solution for a dispute between 3 clans of gods. Instead of fighting amongst themselves they agreed to take the fight to a world that they created for only that purpose.
To them it was not more than a game, the means to solve problems. When Din was created it was just one single continent, surrounded by water. 3 Nations dwelled there, one nation for each clan of the gods. The gods decided that the most prosperous, healthy and advanced nation would win the game, after a certain amount of time. They also agreed on a ruleset, but no living being on Din ever knew the specifics.

The 3 Nations were called Thuneb, Anos and Ginospri, just like the 3 clans pulling the strings behind them. The gods were not particularily creative when the first cities emerged and grew, and so they called them after the god who controlled the area on which the city was built. Mergon for instance was the clanchief of the Anos, and so he got to name the capital of the Nation.
One must always remember, to the gods it was a simple game, a struggle of powers, they cared not much about the population, only that they grew in numbers and advanced fast.

Each clan decided to focus on different aspects that they would bring to their nation. Even tho they never appeared on Din in their true form, they gave the people means to communicate through a dreamstate. Only very few were trained, who passed on the knowledge through generations. And the gods called the process of giving the Shra'i (the people who could transcend into that dreamstate) visions 'Sinishra' and the Shra'i contacting the gods 'Terushra' while the dreamworld was called 'Eshra'.
The gods received the name 'god' by the Shra'i and they never told the people of Din any different. That's why they are still refered to as the gods.

The world of Din was once rich of technology, religion and magic, until the so-called 'Zeitverlust' (Loss of time, timeloss) which is still not entirely clear why it happened. Each Nation once had powerful magicians to perform change much faster than manpower. Stories are told since then, speaking of something that flipped a trigger and the magicians of 3 Nations were marching, meeting somewhere in the middle of the continent. A fierce battle started that shook the foundation of Din. For 9 days they fought, and on the last day, when only the 3 most powerful magicians remained, they summoned the most destructive spell they knew, and the continent split into 3.
'Zeitverlust' destroyed the former capital of Anos, and since the magicians were the keepers of knowledge, much was lost in the years that were to follow. The historians called it 'Zeitverlust' for that reason.
By chance the continents mostly kept the form of the former Nations, and so the people of Din named the continents after the Nations.

After 'Zeitverlust' the gods took less interest in Din and for hundreds of years no one had heard of the gods, and Eshra remained empty. It was rumoured that the gods had not given up on Din yet, and they influenced certain individuals on a much smaller scale than before.

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chronicle Topics and Themes
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This is pretty much what I mentioned on my blog yesterday, my plan to write down the drafts, ideas and everything from the history to the character development that I need for my novel.

Right, I prolly have to mention that this will be two languages, so ideas and plans, as well as some drafts I will do in english, while stories of any kind, as well as names and fictional items will be in german.
The novel will be a german novel to start with, so don't expect me to gather all the data in english, so I can translate the rest of the stories to german before I actually begin writing the book.

I will also add maps and drawings sometimes, aeonity does provide a good support :).

Yea well, I am a student, and I work part-time, and I have many many other things to do, so the progress will be slow. But then again, I am not trying to break a record, I am just living a dream that I once had, and before death claims me, I will have written a novel :).

Oh yea, I mentioned my other blog earlier, you find the link to the left on the navigation.


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jim Frustration Sets In
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Frustration Sets In

Working on Aeonity v3.0 I recently found out my theory having to do with PHP is flawed. At least so I think, the load time on a few test pages is insane compared to current load times.

I may have to re-think my logic. I plan on testing a different theory I have and hopefully that one works. If it does work the only issue I have to watch out for is compatibility with PHP 5 incase our host decides to upgrade.

Anyhow I am very frustrated and sad right now that those hours may have been wasted. We will see.

Thanks for Reading,

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