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Something For The People

I mean, as a future member of congress, I realize the perks of the means of persuasion. I mean who wouldn't want that free trip to Fiji. Not to say that I wouldn't do the right thing. But I think removing temptation all together is great! And while the Republicans will have to cut back on their lavish nonsense... us liberals..with souls, clearly see that this bill with stringent regulations on the relationship between lobbyists and lawmakers will give democracy room to breathe.

Perhaps now those noble organizations with and interest in whats that group... Humanity.

And also it might even save a few lawmakers from potential scandal. Everyone wins. I know Bush will screw this up somehow.
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sympsmtf Thats 'Fox'ed Up! Aug 3rd, 2007 11:10:50 am - Subscribe
wait... Rupert Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal!

Whats next biased opinion and agenda driven media..[scoffs] why thats absurd...oh wait... this is what the end of free press looks like.

Womp Womp
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sympsmtf Wisdom Aug 21st, 2007 2:03:41 pm - Subscribe
I was talking with my grandfather about politics...

And he said something very poignant.. about the presidential race.

Simply- America wants a white man running the country.

And I agree, as progressive as society wants to pretend it is, lets not kid ourselves.. though Hillary is in the front of the polls of idealism its all going to come down to the primaries, then we will truely know whether we are ready to beakdown the barriers of sexism.

Barak, the country is no where near ready to break down race yet. or atleast that has been my observation.

I will keep my fingers crossed. Joe Biden is cool, and Kusinich is pretty awesome as well. I just want this country to get back on the right track. I dont think that is so much to ask.
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