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The Bastion of Righteousness has fallen from grace!

I'd be remiss if I didn't bring this up. Dem Gov of the Empire State is caught up in a prostitution ring. You know what Elliot, I dont blame you. I mean yeah, you got caught but, I blame society and the republicans.

I blame this society that has made sexuality so taboo and so off limits that it has repressed us all. We should all be allowed to express ourselves however we want. Artistically, intelectually, ideologically and sexually. We should all just be free to be.

Sorry for the Spitzer Family- Sorry for his wife-

So Sad. Anyway I am all for D. Paterson , running this show. Harlem Stand Up! Woo!

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sympsmtf One time For Ya Mind Mar 19th, 2008 9:39:46 am - Subscribe
Just something to think about. Here are some articles detailing the end of free press- beginning in 1990's following the Gulf War. Basically all the news we see now is Pentagon my advise- believe none of what you hear..half of what you see and take it all with a big hunky stroke inducing amount of salt.

I am simply at my end. This war is sick. Beyond politics and oil- its bullshit- people are dying and we the people are being lied to so that we wont do anything about it!

I want to give up, but then I know that we can't be just allow this government to defeat us like this. Remember I'm running for office in 2020. Ill get things done!

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sympsmtf The Content of My Character Mar 24th, 2008 8:53:15 am - Subscribe
Race Race Race.
Personally, I have tried to stay away from this race issue that has been satiating the air these past weeks, along with government scandal. Which, I will admit is out of character for me. But I am weary.

What needs to be understood about Rev. Wright is that he is right. And by right I mean correct. Racist comments? Are you joking? He is merely speaking the reality and gravity of the black experience in America, in no uncertain terms, and just because no one wants to hear about it does not mean its is..wrong or racist. So, yes, history would show that America is not made for people of color. It may have been built by people of color, but we certainly do not have an equal stake in all this country has to offer. Okay?

The man has the right to say whatever he pleases. Freedom of speech, remember that? Bull Conner said what he wanted and no one complain. Woe is the white man, how hard it must be...

Honestly though, I am all about equality and hope and change but reality is at the root of it all. We need to work with what we have, and we've got racism, classism and sexism and a bunch of other "isms" that suck, but i believe that they can be improved. Out situation as a whole cannot get better if we try to appease the majority by pretending these vehicles of oppression don't exist. I certainly wont.

Barak On Race

So yeah. Racism sucks.

We cannot let this side track us. My number one issue right now is the economy. We aren't all black but we are all broke.
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