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It's times like these where I must tip my hat to the oppressor, because an act of the government that blatantly supports racism, segregation, deprivation etc. has passed. I'm referring to the Supreme Court Decision, to strike down the 'Busing' portion of the Brown v. Board of Ed Decision. Eh. The case name might not ring a bell..but I will continue.

Basics: Separate=unequal, YAY. Busing= daily transit of (black) children, or children from other areas into schools to integrate them, and provide some semblance of equality and opportunity. Yeehaw!

Problem: No more busing- Boo!

My Main Point:
The court claims that busing children in on racial criteria is wrong. And in a perfect world they would be absolutely correct. But for those of us that took the Blue Pill... Society, this society, maintains institutions that perpetually give privilege and power to white majority. Fact. America is simply built that way. America is not only plagued by racism but class-ism as well. All this to say- Children in lower socio-economic areas where public schools are funded by income obviously are at a disadvantage. Because of the lack of funding (DUH). Quite the hefty coincidence that children in this category happen to be of color..minority.. [cough cough oppressed]. Busing on the basis of race is unfair, but hey I am sure the kids want to live in ghettos, eat McDonalds, get diabetes, be computer illiterate, and end up in jail.. I most certainly didn't enjoy my computer lab, guidance counselor, college education, extra currics.. I could have been home watchin' BET all day--yea boi!

To even suggest that busing is irrelevant due to the change in the times is absurd. Clarence Thomas..thanks for nothing.

Just Read It!

Watch out... they might overturn that Emancipation Procla-whateva next...

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