Well then
Date: May 20th, 2007 11:21:48 pm - Subscribe
Mood: reborn


I offically forgot about this.....shall i return?
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Late post
Date: Mar 5th, 2005 8:22:22 pm - Subscribe
Mood: random
Strum of the Day: The Used - Blue & Yellow

Nothing much has really happened lately. Just went to The White Rabbit friday, saw my friends band, Jun play. They had a new song out so I had to go and when I went I was pretty much tackled by all the members... We tried to start a mosh but all the crowed was pretty dead. When we did get one going, people were pushed everywhere so I think alot of people were mad but hey they cant just be still all the time. It was all good so we went back to Micheal's house and ate some Church's chicken and then everyone left back to their own houses for once lol. And that concludes my life.
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[wow I hate being bored]
Date: Dec 28th, 2004 11:22:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood: forgotten
Strum of the Day: I need to play Guitar again...

Haven't done alot lately..just laze around..I wish I had my job back..lol.. I watched an old version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre... too bad that movie isn't real..even though alot of the elders around here really believe it did happen? Kinda amazing how the media can kinda make you believe after a while you really saw something like it. deceptional. I will not be overrun by Corporate America!..lol anyways .. you know a song I have been enjoying lately is 112- Your Letter...kinda reminds me between me and someone. hmm.. well I went to the rivercenter mall yesterday because I was bored..amazingly I did not get lost...Tomorrow I'll probably go to South Park..maybe.. if I can talk my friend into getting her mom to take us. (yay for our wrecked cars!) Well that's all for now.
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Date: Dec 24th, 2004 3:41:55 pm - Subscribe
Mood: nothing

It wasn't too long ago that I signed up for this, a little before my birthday. December 30th. Which was also a little bit after Emoblog opened publicly, I think. lol. Well I kind of drawed back after a while because I dont really blog as much as I use to. Last time I posted was August 10th, crazy. I really can't remember anything from then so I guess I can't put anything else in here. lol. Well I'll post more later when I get the chance to.
by the way;
Merry Christmas & and a happy New Year, everyone!
(also New Years = my birthday *glee*)
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