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Moving (:

Nov 10th, 2008 2:56:58 pm - Subscribe

I'm walking away,
from the troubles in my life
moving to a new home (:

mood: burdened
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Friends are the best.

Oct 17th, 2008 2:45:31 pm - Subscribe

Thank you so much for everything guys (: you really made me feel better and are helping me through this situation. What would I do without you guys ♥. Thanks for the support, you are the best! I love you so much and anytime you need me I got your back!!!

God I lift this up to you,
because I can't change people
because I can't deal with unreasonable hearts
but YOU CAN!!!

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when Men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.
Psalm 37:7

It's good to know I have true friends.
mood: glorious
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Angry Words.

Oct 16th, 2008 5:34:15 pm - Subscribe


I think that some people are
Ugly on the inside...
Now I'm not saying I'm not a part of the aforementioned group but shit...some people are really really milking that ugliness...

Some people need to grow up, get the fuck over themselves and learn that A) whatever you've been through there's people all over the fucking WORLD that have gone through so much worse, so don't fucking use your "hardships" and emotional instability as an excuse for your bitchy behavior. B) You take whatever lemons or huge piles of crap that life throws at you and you learn to be a better person instead of trying to pile it on some-innocent-one else. C) No one is falling for your act. You're manipulative and all you can think about is "Me Myself and I". You need to be more considerate to the whole FUCKING REST OF THE WORLD out there! D) Do you reallllllly think I give a shit that you're crying your fake tears in public? Someone needs to slap you back into reality because if they don't, you'll have more poor victims in the future. Save the future victims!
E) I'm not saying this because I hate this person. I'm saying this because people who care about you should have told you this A LONG time ago.... but they didn't and now you're left with my bitching because you couldn't take it when I told you nicely.

GOD it is SO hard to love people like this.

oh btw I HEART kappas! (:
mood: wounded
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No Wonder I have White Hair

Oct 14th, 2008 2:49:19 pm - Subscribe

Dear God,

Father, today was such a taxing day, Lord God and it isn't even over yet. God you ask me to love others as You have loved me and I am trying Lord God but sometimes it is just so. hard. I will do what is in your Will Father God, I will love them, turn the other cheek even as they spit on me feelings of hate. I will reprimand them with Love, God, because Love is what you have shown me, and therefore Love is what I will show them. GOD HELP ME. Help me to love.

God they know not what they do!

I need prayer.
So pray for me please

In Jesus' Name Amen.
Love, Kathy.
mood: bitter
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Oct 13th, 2008 2:42:11 pm - Subscribe

I'm now
a part
of the Omicron Pledge Class
of Kappa Zeta Phi!

This is going to be hard...
but I think
with good Time Management
and balance

Everything will be alright!

Sometimes people just need to grow up
and be selfless for once.
Life doesn't revolve around you,
It doesn't revolve around me,
It revolves around life itself and nothing else.
There is only so much that people can take
and still tactfully remain silent.
There are only so many times that people will turn a blind eye to your vices.
So hurry up
and recognize what you're doing
and stop it.
STOP it.
because in the end
everyone is getting hurt.

If to feel is to hurt,
then what should we do?
mood: vicious
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