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takki VentCentral (: - Subscribe
After seeing so many of my friends putting such time and effort into blogging their lives, I've decided to give it a try. They seem rather satisfied.

So prepare for some drama, this is going to be fun.
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takki San Diego! Apr 14th, 2007 10:03:10 pm - Subscribe

Ok well it wasn't so SO wicked having to get up at 5AM to get there when orientation started (8:30).

It turns out the dorms are exactly like the picture, log cabins. D: It's kinda cheap cramming us into triples. The triple room is the EXACT SIZE of the double room which means more people in the same amount of space how unfun is that? Oh well I just hope the last person won't be some weird psycho. I kinda hope she'll be Emo because the other girl I'm dorming with is like LBO pink pink pink lacy fuzzy haha I can't wait to see how this turns out.

The food there is ..... three words... mall food court. No matter, I like cooking and will probably be cooking all the time.

The people seem pretty friendly, especially those who were adamant that I join some dentistry club or something haha.

Oh my god there is this girl who is totally obsessed with this other guy her blog makes me laugh out loud (:
[end boy talk]
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takki Sadism Apr 17th, 2007 7:19:37 pm - Subscribe
WOOHOO!!! SPRING BREAK IS FINALLY OVER I'M SO HAPPY! (NOT!) D: god this is the worst time ever having to go to school again haha.

Oh well, the little underclassman jerk finally got me my pocky so things are ok again on that note. (: he was pissing me off but we're good again!

AND why was he pissing me off? Well he was going to ask one of my friends to prom so I spent like forever helping him plan out every little aspect. Then he tells me he’s failing two of his classes and he can’t go anymore D: )(#*%&#(%&# haha what a waste of my time D: but pocky makes up for it <3

[boy talk]
Haha omg it is so fun watching this guy screw himself over by playing different girls. I kinda feel bad for the girl though. But seriously, he is going to end up ALONE (:
[end boy talk]

yeahhh class starts at 10 tomorrow <33333 love this.

Mucho kisses
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takki EMO MAKER Apr 19th, 2007 6:16:11 pm - Subscribe
Ha ha not really. I guess he's a pretty good person, I'm just hard on him.

[Boy Talk]
That other guy is really just (*!@&%)(#&@(%#&)(%(@#%&( i want to smack him over the head and be like "Bad boy!" He's really self-centered and crap like that ): that poor girl...
[end boy talk]

man this choreography in choir is getting complicated...we are gonna pwn the other choirs! ahah jk (x i love them even if they aren't as good as us (JK again!)

I had the genius idea, or my friend did, of wearing heels to school today...i walk to/from school D: owwiieee there are red lines T^T.

Prom is coming up I'm uber excited <33333
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takki *Stare*~~~~> Apr 22nd, 2007 1:43:46 pm - Subscribe
Whuh HUH?! Somethings in my life are getting pretty twisted and oddity D:

ANYHOW had a practice calc bc/ap test on joy joy haha I was pwned by that effing test D:

Afterwards went to the IB art show (: man mucho love for that place. It was pretty creative and I've never been under the stadium before (x. I love all the art stuff. Camille's and Alice's were soooooo cool i was just like..dumbstruck O_O so gorgeous especially Camille's bleeding tear drop. Oh yes and adonia's stuff was interesting too. PORNO!!! JK (x nude art hahaha.

I got to eat lots of good things this wknd. LIKE SoupPlantation and Pho and yeah hehe (x.

[boy talk]
He's going emo hehe it's sad but I have the feeling he deserves this hard lesson.
Someone asked her to prom! I'm so proud of her haha (x she's so sweet she deserves it!
[end boy talk]
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