fret for your figure and
fret for your latte and
fret for your lawsuit and
fret for your hairpiece and
fret for your prozac

Cold hard bitch.

25th Oct, 2005 7:27:17 pm - Subscribe

If you have yet to believe that I am one of the meanest people in the world, read this;

Me: The world is going to end soon. And thankfully, I've done everything I need to do.
Malik [ex]: like what?
Me: 1/ I'm in love 2/ I'm getting a puppy soon 3/ I'll tell my parents I hate them on December 21st, 2012
Malik: in love? with who?
Me: Does it matter?
Malik: nope.
Me: Righto then.
Malik: not me right?
Me: Again, it doesn't matter.

And I don't feel any guilt. I felt a pang of it, for like, 3 seconds. Then it went away when I realized just how much time I wasted waiting for his sorry ass.

mood: fucked up
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October 25th, 2005

Then smack me and call me a b*tch because I didn't see anything wrong with what you said. If he was a jerk and kept you waiting then he deserves a bit of a bite in the bum.

avatar paperdoll

October 25th, 2005

i agree

avatar tales

October 28th, 2005

He wasn't a jerk, lol. He was always out with his friends.

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