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fret for your latte and
fret for your lawsuit and
fret for your hairpiece and
fret for your prozac

I ignored the internet for a day, and I feel blasphemous.

25th Oct, 2005 4:20:46 am - Subscribe

I'm not kidding. I feel like I've sinned and need to repent. I'd go repent and stuff, except Jesus and God and Buddha and Adonais and Brahman and Allah and the Sikh gurus and Zeus have all abandon-ated me.

I'm listening to Josh Kelley's Amazing. This is the best song ever.... no questions asked bishes!

Getting a journal from Scholastic with a doggie on it =]. There was also a pretty uber pink one with a celtic design... but... it was jewelled, and I'm not good with jewelled things.

School starts an hour late tomorrow. I'm not going, you stupid fuckers. Like I'm going to go to school at 11 am. Don't you think I have better things to do... like... watch daytime tv? Or go on the internet? Or plot world destruction?

Yesterday was my happy happy day.

Today was my happy happy day except for the one thing... I DID THE WORKSHOPS!!!

So I swapped with Elif [baaaaaad idea]. I ended up explaining to kids shit I don't understand myself: How lenses bend light rays.

The first group was murder. I had them for 10 minutes and I was close to ripping my hair out. There was a girl who looked like me and acted like me except... you know, 3 years younger. I felt like telling her, "STOP BEING SO SHY. AS SOON AS YOU GET TO 8TH GRADE, PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU TO STFU. SO START BEING OUTGOING NOW".

My sixth grade teacher doesn't remember me.

This is what happened with a kid in a group;
Me: Okay, my name is Aya. Tell me all your names. (I knew some, this was my elementary school, keeping in mind.)
*kids tell me their names*
Zack: Ziggy.
Me: Zack, that is not your name, and before you ask, I know Esra.
Zack: Before you ask, do you know Amara? Before you ask [yes, this shithead doesn't know what he's on about], do you know Ehlem?
Me: I don't know Ehlem... Now, can you tell me, what did the lenses do to the light rays?
Zack: Kara. [arabic word for shit]
*kids break into laughter, I shake my head*

In the lunchbreak, Zack comes up to me again.
Zack: Can you guess why I'm picking up papers?
Me: Because you pissed off a teacher? *eye roll*
Zack: How do you know? *tries to dump the rubbish on me, I slap him*

Yeaah. Good fun? We were stuck in the sun for 20 minutes because Mr VH told us to wait 5 minutes while he talked to the kids about our school. Some 5 minutes.

Joyce jigged school. FUCKING DUMB WHORE. She didn't even go with anyone, which makes her about 300 times more stupid. I hope her parents pay shitloads for her to move to the Catholic school, then I hope they kick her out without a refund. Stupid whore. Stupid stupid whore.

Mona hit me on the nose [she was trying to hit Patricia]. Fuck, I hate her. She's mean.

On the way home, I choked on air... because we were driving up my street and some guy from Granville boys grinned at me. The fact that he had his shirt tucked in, his buttons done up, his hair well combed, almost gave me a heart attack.

Maybe there's hope for them yet.

PS: Malik replied to my, "stop talking about me behind my back and making me seem like an utter bitch" e-mail. Yeah, he's just apologizing. I wish he wouldn't, it's a sorry sight. Ah well, he said he wants to talk to me tomorrow... here goes nothing!

Reasons why I don't fit in anywhere, except for Patricia and I's little circle of not-fitting-inners (of which only we are part)
I'm nerdy.
I'm political.
I WOULD fit in with the other iraqi girls... but... I'm the only Iraqi in the school who doesn't wear a scarf.
I could never fit in with the plastics. [different hobbies, musical tastes, attitudes on life]
I could never fit in with the Turks [pretty obvious]
I can't fit in with natasha's group [most of them bore me]
I can't even fit in with *my* group [I just can't seem to click with Desiree].

mood: blasphemous
music: Amazing/ josh kelley
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avatar alone

October 25th, 2005

lol our little cirlce of non-fitter-inners rocks.. only u and me and the blue sky/grey sky
yay hey we fit in in our circle ok i feel like an idiot bleh

avatar frost

October 25th, 2005

Its funny I used to be like you. I could not be without the internet for 1 day. Now...I really do not care. I am on it all the time for work and yea, the internet is not all it is cracked up to be. I could live fine without a computer =)


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