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Biography One is the loneliest number :P

Hmm, how can I describe myself? I'm both depressing and hyper.

My friends and my dad are the bestest people ever. My dad, "Are you depressed? Go bang your head on a wall". He says crazy mean crap that I wish I had the guts to say.

I'm very, very protective of my ethnicity. I will gauge your eyes out if you're mean to us :P [us being iraqis, btw]

I'm in love, and for the first time in like, forever, it's not a pity love. Huzzah!

I act on impulse. I will tell myself not to swear, not to hit the next idiot that walks passed, but faster than you can say, "Aya loves teddy bears", they'll probably be on the floor crying.

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I have both AIM and yahoo but I'm never on so :P

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